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LFS wont run after format C:
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LFS wont run after format C:
Hello all !!!!!!!!!!!!

After a format C: the game wont run...

The game have been instaled successfuly but when i run it a windows is opened : "problem error in grapfics drivers" And the tittle of this windows is : "could not detect any suittable screen mode"

My grafic card is instaled correctly (it's what windows say me )

I'm on LFS since 7 years and its the first time i see this error... I installed LFS more than 30 times and i formated mt C: over 30 times too... I dont understand why it dont work this time...

Please help i'm addict !!!!!!!!!! ^^
#2 - kdo
Salut, tu a pensé a mettre t'es pilotes a jour? ceux de la carte graphique par exemple.

Did you think of update the drivers?
Make sre you get all of the updates for all drivers
Try updating your drivers, try then doing a clean install, not your backup, then, when it works, copy over your set ups etc.

Sounds like it was running on a resolution that you now can't get. There is a setup file to edit that I can't remember to reset your lfs to 640x480 then readjust it to your resolution.

LFS wont run after format C:
(4 posts, started )