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Weird monitor resolution problem
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#1 - Jakg
Weird monitor resolution problem
Got a really weird problem with one of my monitors.

I select it's native resolution, 1600x900, but I actually get a smaller box being displayed in the middle rather than the image filling the whole panel.

When I look on the OSD, the monitor says it's input is actually 1280x960, even though Windows is telling me it's set it to 1600x900.

I've tried running this off both the onboard graphics, an AMD card and an nVidia card - same problem. Also get the same problem running it off my MacBook in Windows (didn't try in OSX).

I've had this problem before but fixed it somehow (annoyingly can't remember). I packed my PC up, moved house, unpacked it all and thats when the problems started.

I found this thread which has a similar issue - ... or-resolution-419329.html

Anyone got any ideas? I'm stumped!
#2 - Jakg

My friend came over today, and I had my graphics card (GTX580) in his PC, connected to this screen. Worked fine. Yet it doesnt work on my PC, or with my laptop.

Any ideas?
Have had a similar thing with my desktop monitor, had it for 5 years but a year or so ago its native resolution of 1440x900 would suddenly change so that it was in fact a stretched 1024x768, on the OSD as you mentioned. Change it to 1366x768 or whatever was the next step down and it would load correctly. Connect it to my laptop and boom, perfect.

I would go through trying to update display drivers, update Nvidia drivers, etc. and some times it would work, but most of the time it made no difference. Then it would suddenly fix it itself, and then a number of weeks/months later it would revert again, for no apparent reason. It's been fine for months now, touchwood...
#4 - Mysho
I think it's GPU driver problem, because you insert so many GPUs to your PC...

I am sure reinstall won't help, though... You'd have to have too perfect knowledge of how to remove all drivers in safe mode etc... Better try messing around also with display driver and fingers crossed for the result, I had this too and it is so random... I can't remember how I fixed, but as far as I remember it repaired itself after I upgraded Nvidia drivers and put new GPU into my machine. Monitor remained same and works till now.
#5 - Jakg
Quote from Mysho :I think it's GPU driver problem, because you insert so many GPUs to your PC...

Whilst I understand the sentiment - remember this also happens on my laptop, in both OSX and Windows. I can't see how it could be a driver issue in that case.
#6 - Jakg
Turning down the resolution seems to of fixed it (it still ends up at the right resolution somehow but is ok) but also so has buying a new (and very expensive) VGA cable (even though I tried with several cables before!).


Weird monitor resolution problem
(6 posts, started )