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Round 4 (FE2) - Confirmations
Please use the following format to confirm your entry:

Number, Firstname Lastname, LFS username, Teamname

An example:
Quote :010, Joe Public, every1one, Example Racing Team

Please only confirm your participation if you are planning to take part in the main event. The 32 fastest confirmed drivers from pre-qualifying will be allowed to take part in the main event. The confirmation deadline is Saturday at 23:59 UTC.

All confirmed drivers that did not attend must withdraw by Monday, 01.07.2013 at 19:45 UTC to not receive a 30-point penalty.
#2 - Sn1p
058, Matiss Linde, Sn1p, Race Green Autosports
(Smashmolth) DELETED by Smashmolth
018, Sam Holt, ratrug101, Genuine Racing
006, François Maris, Framaris, Genuine Racing
7, Dominik Engel, Deutschland2007, Genuine Racing
82, Pete Butcher, MButcher, [TC] Racing
60, Dennis Lind, Dennis93, nFinity eSports
#8 - savvy
81, Thomas Saville, savvy, [TC] Racing
99, Otto Taskinen, ukkojokkis, Genuine racing
115, Venelin Venelinov, ventspils_619, Fast And Crazy
94, Phil Diaz, PMD9409, ineX Racing
79, Adam Coupe, maz17, Launch Racing
104, David Duffin, Cougar8, Launch Racing
108, Paul Duffin, paul88, Launch Racing
92, Toni Lähteenmäki, FL4SH-, CoRe Racing
59, Teemu Suninen, marakattimax, CoRe Racing
64, Martin Kapal, Flame CZE, SAVAGE SimSports
112,Damian Gajda,gordon666,Conquest Racing
113,Alan Dziuba,tralalala,Conquest Racing
19, Przemek Wdowiarz, przemek21061995,
56,Jack Sedgwick,jackdamaster,Fred Loves Pie
50 ,Toni Anicic ,undertaker00 ,Race Green Autosports
025, Mihai Bălan, mitza4rally, Genuine Racing
Sorry, I will not be able to do this round!
(Smashmolth) DELETED by Smashmolth
Sorry i can't do it either.
All confirmed drivers have now received the race password.

Drivers "theodinho29", "garazion" and "degats" may still confirm their attendance but must start from the back of the grid as must any non-prequalified drivers who want to attend the event.
84, Matthias Fieseler, Æthelstan, HoR

Yes, i'm a bit late
09, Alen Terzić, terga, Genuine Racing
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