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Irwindale drift layout
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Irwindale drift layout
Looks nice, didn't try it yet, but I can see that you should have made it much bigger, especially because it's a high speed course in reallity.

Although I realize it'd be a bit hard, but maybe try dropping the "oval" part, and having a longer start area.

Good effort though, will give it a go when i have some time.
um sorry dude but your wrong, i go to iwindale every weekend for the weekly racing. it might not be 100% but its close. the track is only 1/2 and 1/3 mile long

check out the web site for more info
The track you made is ~210meters from one end, till the other. Press D and measure the distance in shift+U mode.

210m = ~1/8th of a mile. I don't know what they are referring to on the site. whether perimeter or radius, but either way with the size of the track you made, you won't come to 1/2 a mile of be it radius, perimeter or diameter.
hmm let me look into that
ok dude what i got is the track is 584meters long and to be a 1/2 mile it needs to be about 800 meters (i think?), so its like what i said(it might not be 100% but its close enough.

have you ran on it yet?, it feels about the same distance you see in the video
73 downloads and only one person replied, so what about the rest of you think of the track?
fun layout
I've had some layouts downloaded more than 600times, and not a single reply. Happens pretty much in every layout thread, zillion downloads and views, noone bothers to answer, so you have to get used to that.
lol man ppl are too shy now days
wOOt the Vaughn Jittin jr's car!!! I'm taking this layout LOL
When my computer gets set up and I download LFS, this is the first thing I'm doing, looks great.
mind if i put up a few more barriers and use it as an MRT track?
sure just upload it so i can see what ya did to the track
downloading now i think someone made a irwindale layout before. i'll check through my layout collection later

Irwindale drift layout
(15 posts, started )