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GT1WS 2013: Round 4 Discussion
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I would like to finish off this round with a big thank you to everyone who participated, be it racing, managing a team, helping admin, do the stream, or just watch.

Name & Shame Tiem!11!1!!!1!oneoneone!1!1! (Advance apologies for anyone I forget, I'm old and forgetful)

Race Control Backup: Thilo Falkenberg

Safety Cars: Stuart Baker and Timo Hynninen

Stewards & Rescue Cars: Michael Booth, Jonathon Provost, Jack Atkinson, Chris Ford, Dominik Engel, Timo Hynninen

Commentary and Stream: Phil Diaz, Michael Booth, Steven Martin, Chris Ford (while sick, mind you! A true no-lifer, amirite? ), Thilo Falkenberg, Oscar Hardwick, Michael Passingham, Teemu Iivonen, and the countless others who helped by being interviewed and just hanging out

Spotter's Guide: Stuart Baker

Race Programme: Jonathon Provost

Special Thanks to Lutz Enger @ for help with getting the stream segments uploaded quickly for all to access, and providing a great (FREE!) service.

I did manage to stay up a good 4h beyond race conclusion, after having been awake since 0830am EST of Saturday...30 hours of being awake isn't fun for an old man like myself.

This 24 hour race was a great way to celebrate 5 years of NDR, even more so on being 5 years to the weekend of NDR's first ever event. My only wish is for some of this petty arguing from many parties to simply go away, and we remember what racing is about, and what sporting competition is about.

Keep calm and race on....


With username.



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GT1WS 2013: Round 4 Discussion
(207 posts, started )