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Please edit my screenshots
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Please edit my screenshots
Hi all,

I guess not everoby has some artistic skills,own photoshop or for any other reason cant make edits so I would like to start this thread.

Please try to follow some basic rules:
  • Try to take screenshots at max possible resolution(with AA & AF)
  • Dont use FOV above 90 degrees
  • Try to use some nice skins and hi-res if possible(1024*1024 or above).
  • Dont apply black borders in LFS when taking pictures.
  • Press SHIFT+F in game when taking pitures.(it will get rid for you the FPS counter and HUDs).
We will try our best.

Many thanks.

Edited: with Don`s suggestions.
#2 - Don
i`d add more rules:
- dont use fov above 90 degrees
- try to use some nice skins
- try to take the screenshot at max possible resolution (with AA & AF)
One more rule:
- Look 2 posts down.
- or 3.
- or 4

ok xD enough^^

Please edit my screenshots
(5 posts, started )