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New Drift Layout
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New Drift Layout
Here's a new drift layout for AutoX. Hosted it few times online, people seemed to like it.

Attached are 4 screens, layout file, and spr file.

Furthermore, you will find 2 short videos, one outside car and one incar cam about this layout. Qaulity is crappy, and there's no sound, but they are for illustration purposes anyway.

Outside car cam: ... /New%20Drift%20Layout.avi

Incar: ... %20Drift%20Layout%202.avi


Hope you like it. Comments and feedback is always appreciated.

PS: You can find all previous layouts on our site, in the layout section.
Attached images
New Drift Layout.jpg
New Drift Layout 2.jpg
New Drift Layout 3.jpg
New Drift Layout 4.jpg
Attached files
AU1_New Drift Layout.lyt - 1.3 KB - 2777 views
New Drift Layout.spr - 82.4 KB - 649 views
nice layout
Looks really creative, gonna try it out now
#4 - buffa
Really nice!! I love that!

PS can you post the setup for do it pls ?
I used my drift setup from fern bay gold reverse, which suits more or less but it's far from perfect, gear ratios too long etc. I don't have a specific setup for this layout.
#6 - cdub
Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I feel I need to express my love for this layout!

I've been driving it for months, trying to keep the corners linked and the apexes tight - a great course. I've modified a couple of parts and will post it with screenshots if I get around to it.

It's been the source of many an hour of procrastination and is much appreciated - cheers pdanev!
Omg nice share
#8 - Jakg
Say Jakg are you hunting for crackers? You seem to be there whenever a dodgy sentence is posted
#10 - Jakg
Quote from K.David :Say Jakg are you hunting for crackers? You seem to be there whenever a dodgy sentence is posted

i'm everywhere no, I just do some gentle prodding, I only go full blown "omg the crackz0r" when I get a gut feeling (which is suprisingly accurate)

New Drift Layout
(10 posts, started )