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Formula BMW International Series 2013
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Poll : What do you think about my idea?

I like it, but I'm not sure if I will participate
I like it, and I will participate
I don't like it
Ye, I saw that so that's the reason why I posted.
Quote from Jonathon.provost :Like I said before, May not be good for most international drivers.

C'mon, I bet only a few extra-Europeans would be willing to take part in this anyway. International leagues are mostly crowded with Euros, plus a few people from USA/Canada and that's pretty much it. So why spoil the fun for everyone if only a few individuals can't tale part.

Unless online activity drops significantly in a near future(which we all hope it won't), you will not get better dates in 2014 anyway...
I will be talking to Cameron and I will trek him wht you said. Thanks
Hello again,

How would Tuesday night be for you all I was thinking from 19:30 GMT.

I know that some people will not be able to attend due to the time but I hope that some would be able to.
i like the idea for autrocross and i will participate if races are in sunday or saturday.
no consistent space in calender
Or maybe friday will good (for me)
I'd join if it's on weekends OR if it begins around 19:00 UTC.

My :twocents: to the schedule:

-30 minutes qualifying for a 30 min. race is far too long, make it 5 - 10 minutes qual.
-I don't mind formation laps but they only delay things
-AS1 instead of AS2 (AS2 has only 2 corners and 1 chicane, rather dull for a slow car like the fbm)
-Westhill is even more dull, feel free too add 10 chicanes

Formula BMW International Series 2013
(35 posts, started )