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Formula BMW International Series 2013
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Poll : What do you think about my idea?

I like it, but I'm not sure if I will participate
I like it, and I will participate
I don't like it
Formula BMW International Series 2013

I had an idea for a Formula BMW Series.

The FBM would have no restriction.

There would be 8 events, 2 of them would be autocross tracks.

We are thinking to start in march sometime.

I want to know that you guys think, please vote in the poll and please reply with any suggestions. Please send me any good AX layouts to my PM box. Thanks

I've attached a little introduction here

Thanks a lot.

Current Suggestions (That I think will work)
- 60km(37.5 mi) or 30min races
- Amateur category
- 2 races - second one with top x in reverse
#2 - rik97
on what days u will doe it? I can only race on Saturdays
Well I was thinking Sat or Sun
#4 - meddc
Sounds good. I have voted but participation will depend on day/time (weekend evenings best for me probably). Am sure some other AirAttack drivers could be interested too - will post on our forums.
FBM events are welcome, but autocross tracks? Please no.

My suggestions
  • 60km(37.5 mi) or 30min races
  • Amateur category maybe
  • Races on wednesday - too many races on weekends and no proper races during weekdays any more
  • 2 races - second one with top 6(?) in reverse
Would definitely be interested. As Meddc says, should be other AirAttack members interested.
Agree with TypeRacing
Quote from TypeRacing :FBM events are welcome, but autocross tracks? Please no.

My suggestions
  • 60km(37.5 mi) or 30min races
  • Amateur category maybe
  • Races on wednesday - too many races on weekends and no proper races during weekdays any more
  • 2 races - second with top 6(?) in reverse

Speaking with Jonathon I beleive that he was looking at races being around 30 min. long
#9 - meddc
A couple of autocross tracks would be great imo. They can be difficult to overtake on but technically they're a good challenge and we don't often get to race on different tracks.
What do you think about the following:

Rolling or Standing start (Custom Start would be used like in NDR MiniFBM)?
Super Pole
Rookie Cup
The following Autocross tracks: attached

Feel free to post more autocross tracks that you think would be good for the series.

Also made a quick draft of the track vehicles. (Got the idea from IndyCar Media :P) here
Attached files
AU1X_FBMWIS2013_#1.lyt - 6.3 KB - 203 views
AU1X_FBMWIS2013_#2.lyt - 6.2 KB - 191 views
Here's one that I made with the FBM in mind last night

Both tracks have some pretty technical corner sets, but I think that the forward configuration is a little bit more difficult. It was for me anyways.

Track is consistantly 20 meters wide and my lap times (I suck at the FBM) were in the 48-49 second area
Attached files
AU1X_Worthington Raceway.lyt - 2.4 KB - 191 views
AU1X_Worthington Raceway R.lyt - 2.4 KB - 190 views
Thanks Cameron, I have had some layout PMed to me so i will put them in a file and see what one is best :P Good work

Edit - What do you think of this calender ? Made it 10 rounds because 8 was to short.

1. 20 February 2013 - FE2X - FE25 - Grid 30
2. 06 March 2013 - WE1 - Extra chicane maybe
3. 20 March 2013 - AU1X - Layout #1 from above - Grid 14 - *see below
4. 03 April 2013 - SO5
5. 17 April 2013 - KY2
6. 01 May 2013 - AS2
7. 15 May 2013 - AU1X - ??????? - Grid 14 - *see below
8. 29 May 2013 - BL1/R
9. 12 June 2013 - SO1X - SO11 - To allow grid of 30
10. 26 June 2013 - FE1

*-Possibly 2 races for fastest X then the rest - Separate Points table maybe (not sure)

POSSIBLE Timetable
16:50 GMT - Must be on server and Teamspeak channel
17:00 GMT - Qualifying Starts (30 min / 2x15 min sessions)
17:35 GMT - Track open for practice
17:50 GMT - Grid Stacking
18:00 GMT - Formation lap begins
18:05 GMT - Green Flag
18:35 GMT - Checkered Flag
18:50 GMT - Race 2 Grid Stacking
19:00 GMT - Race 2 Formation Lap
19:05 GMT - Race 2 Green Flag
19:35 GMT - Race 2 Checkered Flag

I am not 100% sure about the timetable. If the series goes ahead, I think I will change it. May be different for 1 race, 2 races and/or autocross events
Added POSSIBLE schedule
week days are bad for me because school
I'm just not sure, I cant do most Saturdays because I marshal. But not many people can so Sunday. And there aren't many free Sundays free in the LFS calender

Suggestions for tracks: SO6R(really, it's great with that car), AS4(makes for good races with lots of drafting action), FE3, AS3. Maybe SO3R.

Quote from Jonathon.provost :
4. 03 April 2013 - SO5

Not sure about SO5. It's so dull with those cars. Very stop-and-start-ish, with no rythm at all. If you want a good South City track, try SO6R. Maybe SO3R, or even SO2R too.

Quote from Jonathon.provost :Feel free to post more autocross tracks that you think would be good for the series.

As far as Autocross tracks as concerned, please consider using NDR's Mini-FBM tracks. They were made for restricted FBMs(25, 37 or 45% for the oldest tracks), but I belive they could work decently with un-restricted cars. Some have worked perfectly with 31%-restricted RACs in the RACCAR league.

Quote from Jonathon.provost :Rookie Cup

I like the idea, but make sure you define very precisely before the start of the season who is eligible for the "rookie class", and who is not. Otherwise you will face some controversy at some point.

Quote from Jonathon.provost :Rolling or Standing start (Custom Start would be used like in NDR MiniFBM)?

Standing, via LFS' standard procedure. Better keep things as simple as possible.

Quote from Jonathon.provost :Super Pole

Better have a standard qualifying, especially for the non-autocross tracks. As I said, with this kind of leagues it is good to keep things simple. No strong feelings either way, though.

On an unrelated topic, I'm not a big fan of Safety Car procedures. I understand the need for it in critical situations in real life, because of safety concerns. However, it does bear an ethic concern because it basically washes away the leading cars' advantage, and often creates more carnage at the restart. It's a very artificial and "gimmicky" thing to simulate Safety Cars in simracing, when there's no concern whatsoever on "safety". But if you really want to have one in your series, all power to you, of course, you're the boss.

Last thing. Please, please, take your time before announcing your league officially. Give some thoughts to the observations of us independant obervers. And make sure you sort out every detail. Thanks. And best of luck.
I will agree that simple is better and that SC in a league like this is not really needed now that I think about it. That was one of my biggest mistakes in the LX league that I attempted last winter .
I think that we will use the safety car, to be realistic. BUT I will try not to deploy it too much. Thanks for the suggestions
On your timetable it looks like the full event will take over 2 and a half hours to complete. This would probably rule it out for me (and anyone else who has a family!). Can you reduce the gaps between qualifying and the races? Also, if it were possible to avoid 7pm (i.e. have it completing before then or after then) then that would be best for me. Appreciate not everyone will think like this, though - this is just my opinion.
Ye I will be looking at the timetable again. Also I think it is best to go on Sundays form the majority of people internationally. I will be changing the dates and times for the events and a few track changes.
Nice Idea!
If I get my S2 account before the event I'm going to take part of it
Please vote on the following thread here.
Due to the tight calender for 2013, I think it is best to postpone this series for 2014 possibly, or maybe the end of 2013. This will allow us to get better dates with no cross overs with other series.
... or just move races on some weekday...
Like I said before, May not be good for most international drivers.

Formula BMW International Series 2013
(35 posts, started )