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GT1WS 2013: Welcome and General Discussion / Server Info
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For the record, I will be getting a server up for primary use and Pre-Qualifying use sometime in the next few hours. They will be named the same as they have been all season so far.
If anyone wants, the GT3tcc server is set to the combo.
Bit of early "General" Discussion, what are other teams opinions on the safety car rules/wavearound rules being left as they are for the 24hour race? IMO a 24h race is a 1 off event and its not right to have the random element that a safety car can bring(especially with the wavearound rule as is). I can see obviously why theoretically I would rather the rule be changed than teams that might be more likely to need a sc/wavearound to stay in contention for all 24h(although, in reality it can happen to anyone with a small bit of bad luck :shrug but wondered if its really only a few people who think it defeats the point of a 24h race.
Well I think it depends a lot from where you grow up… I mean if you were born in Europe you understand that endurance cannot be punctuated by safety cars or you can’t call it endurance any more, still we do use it in Europe, but only when someone’s life is in danger (which is not the problem in lfs)…wave around is even more pointless and unfair in my opinion, it is like the impossible second chance. Now if you grow up in America you probably have a completely different racing culture, you want safety cars and wave around regularly to keep it exiting for the spectators, mainly because they race a lot on oval and it would be boring without. But personally I think it is more like racing PR/marketing than endurance racing, and many time I feel like we race to keep the livestream exiting (but that’s because of my racing culture ).

So my two cents is that we should make a difference as to what is endurance and what’s not for the majority of the participants…I mean if you don’t call GT1WS an endurance league, then safety cars and wave around are perfectly fine! …but then 24H is a very long succession of sprints, got to like Russian roulette

One big problem with wave around is that it takes too long and tires cool off too much for a save restart, hence why we have so many crashes on those….
Hi Everyone, there is a bunch of stupid Drifters on the NDR Server and they keep on voting for restarts, which makes practice impossible.

Could somebody kick them or at least disable voting on the server?

EDIT: They just left, thank god. Still disabling voting would be neat
You are the only one in server for me.
AFAIK It's only an airio function to disable voting, and the server doesn't have airio on it, or atleast it didn't when I was there earlier. They can't do it through LFS itself automatically.
/vote no

Quote from PMD9409 :You are the only one in server for me.

They left as soon as i wrote the post

However now the Server is offline, dunno what happened. Could anybody kindly set the boothy shicane layout on the NDR TEST Server? That one seems to be ok but no layout
The server used this past weekend was a loaner from cargame, he has now shut it down, and now I have renamed NDR.GT1 World Series TEST to NDR.GT1 World Series

It also now has the layout on it.

I will set up Airio (AGIAN !111!1!!!!) and get it up sometime this week. As Usaac said, Airio is the one with the automatic function to cancel votes. That will of course be enabled as soon as I can take care of it.
Thank you Deko
Gt1WS server keeps giving me a connect time out error. all other hosts ive tried work.
So...only 8 days till the 24h race and since nobody has posted here, what's gonna happen with the whole safety car/wavearound thing? Like Fram said in his post on page 2, the wavearound system is sort of an "impossible second chance" and imo ain't part of a 24h race. I'm not really sure about having a safety car either for the race, sure maybe it makes it more interesting for viewers but it's not really fair for the drivers. The race should be decided pace and performance wise, not really by safety car. An example: A team makes a gap of two minutes to the team behind them and a safety car comes out. All that lead is lost in a blink of an eye because of a safety car and when the lap is so long (2:15 or so) it sure as hell would be gutting to lose a 2 minute lead just like that. Don't know if others will agree but that's how I see it anyway.
#64 - CSF
Well, in the last hour there is currently a plan to have a competition caution.
Well it sucks...

Wave around should probably not be done for this round...

Otherwise we might as well just restart the race every 5-6 hours.
No SC for this round +2
Anyone ever heard of Code 60?
Quote from N I K I :Anyone ever heard of Code 60?

Probably should have thought before - I think insim could check 60km/h speed limit.

But I support this idea yes. Maybe rise speed to 78-79km/h(speed limiter's speed) and rename it to code 80 instead.
I love code 80 idea !

I'm not against a SC for 24hours as irl you can have SC in Le Mans for example but wave around isn't fair at all for me. some teams can fight for the win all race long, and in final hour a SC occurs, if this team do a mistake (spun, dt, fail in pits,...) it can finish out of top 10 even if they have produce a strong pace but only did one mistake in last couple of lap. On other side a team with a slower pace can get podium because they got wave around each time they lost a lap and a fast guy driving in last hour. That's not fair at all.
irl you have multiple sc's that don't bunch the field up too much in le mans for example, and there is a genuine safety risk so they have to do that. In my opinion if you want the entertainment or whatever that the SC is designed to bring in NDR events(a car could shift s, there isnt a real risk), you dont have a 24h race, you have the 3-4h races. But this series is supposed to be a challenge, and imo the factor of a safety car is more in the realms of luck than something you can genuinly plan for. A 24hour race is a challenge all by itself, so the rules should be different for that.
Quote from Hahmo :No SC for this round +2

suck me bollocks. and i agree with no wave around.
Ye, we can do it without waving around but in my opinion safety car can be in this race, to make time for grab some water or smth
(dekojester) DELETED by dekojester : meh too many words / let me not be so mean and nasty for once :|
Safety Cars will remain for the remainder of this season.

I understand your worries and complaints, but I'm not keen to totally change the rules for one single race. Trust me, that I will call as few SCs as possible (Hopefully any stuck in gravel I can recover on a local yellow, with a bit of extra notification - almost all of the gravel traps here are well enough placed to not bother too much as long as all parties pay attention :razz, and they will be as short as possible.

I will remove the Wave-around rules from the remainder of the season, effective immediately. It was really only agreed to by me orignally for the fact that it would put lead lap cars all together without the slower cars between the leaders. There will of course be nothing preventing a driver from, for example, pitting later to be between the leader and the SC so they can get waved around that way, but no more free pass as it was for the first three rounds. Plus, each round so far has had incidents directly related to the wave-around, plus it just makes the SC periods too long, for very little reward.

To anyone who saw my earlier post (which I canned) - I'm sorry, I just kind of erupted like a retard even though I told myself while writing it not to....but oh well...I need to calm myself down before posting in raeg. Feel free to chew me out now though
so forgive the nOOb question (I think i already know the answer...just want to confirm) I just want to confirm that the the standard GT1WS rule still stands that if you flip means you are out of the race.

I only have experience in these long race with the RM 16 Hour and the 2012 MoE 24 Hour, they both allowed shift+p...but as far as I know, for this round the standard GT1WS rules still stand and have no exception to allow for re-joins after flips.
Yeah should be the same I'd imagine. You flip or fly out of the track and you have pretty much retired. At least that's how I would imagine it, else the SC would be useless.

Also, I'll try to be push car as much as possible, therefore no car will be stuck long enough to bring out SC.

GT1WS 2013: Welcome and General Discussion / Server Info
(86 posts, started )