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GT1WS 2013: Rules Book
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GT1WS 2013: Rules Book

2013 GT1 World Series - Rules Book

The Rules Book for the 2013 Season of the GT1 World Series is now available. You may access it either at scribd, or as the attached PDF file with this post.

As of 27 January 2013, the series is operating off of Revision 2 of the Rules Book.

Remember, the NDR Sporting Code is in effect in this series, except where modified within the GT1 Rules Book.
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GT1WS2013_Rulesbook_2.pdf - 308.6 KB - 193 views
Rules Book Updated to Revision 2 on 27 January 2013.

The following changes were made:

EDIT VIII.4: Rule now agrees with implementation of the rule: The highest classified driver for a team in Pre-Qualifying will be tied to that team.
REMOVE Safety Car Wave-Around Procedure
ADDED XII.8: Details how changing class affects a team's points.
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GT1WS 2013: Rules Book
(2 posts, closed, started )