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2012 event?
Is there a final verdict of the 2012 event? I had so much fun last year, and it will be disappointing if there is no race this year.
i am sorry to tell, but there won't be a 16h Race this year. Maybe again next year
D :
Can you tell me what are you missing to do the race? If you mean technical problems - forget them.
The technical side is not the problem. We are missing manpower. We habe about 0 persons who have the time to help at this event this year. Even i don't have the time in october this year.
Can you send by PM or here what you need to do?
I know about persons sitting on servers and being arbiters, but what else?
Well if you want to have a 16h event this year, you may have one on your own, we don't have anybody that may help this year. The only things we could give are our registration homepage and servers, plenty of them.
My one problem is to have 100% good working servers for this event, because currently I'm not sure that I can provide 16h service that has good latency for everyone.

Second thing - I can make this event to be remote-only (players play in their own houses). I think it won't be hard to find people that will be on servers.

EDIT: I had 8h event and nothing went wrong, but I made many changes on my server where I host LFS and now it's not tested.
After few days I have more informations ready:
- servers and website is not problem
- rules can be taken from previous year

+ I need arbiters for that - anyone?
Me too
2 people so we have stuff for 1 server, for 8 hours. (All the time I wonna see 2 admins on each server, and 1 admin should be no longer than 8 hours in row)