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For legal reasons I wouldn't describe Farcebook ads as a scam, but that's the only reason for not doing so.

Check these links for actual statistical tests that clearly show that only 20% of the charges for click links, if that, are legit. I certainly wouldn't suggest that the other 80% are Farcebook falsely increasing their advertising revenue.

http://techcrunch.com/2009/06/ ... aud-enraging-advertisers/
http://www.infopackets.com/new ... _may_be_a_scam_report.htm
I love crazy conspiracy theories.

Just imagine if in the US you were detained without arrest, or being given your rights ( You have none ! ) for posting on farcebook.

And this illegal detention cannot be legally challenged.

Oh, sorry, thats fact.

Been warning you guys that this would happen sooner or later.
Quote from Racer X NZ :For legal reasons I wouldn't describe Farcebook ads as a scam,

What you honestly believe they'll 'come and get you' if you bad-mouth them on the off-topic section of an obscure racing game?

Best get another door for the bunker.

A quick update from the land of megaupload. I'll quote the most interesting part, for those of u who will be living these cases, do be careful out there.

"Judge Sharret concluded that the involuntary commitment petition against Raub was “devoid of any factual allegations.” The decision was correct; however, the shocking nature of the actions leading to Brandon’s involuntary admission to a VA hospital illustrate a broader concern about individual liberty in America. And there are some major inconsistencies, described below."
http://fromthetrenchesworldrep ... the-fbi-go-too-far/19984/

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