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LFSCART Light Series 2012: Round 6 Confirmations
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LFSCART Light Series 2012: Round 6 Confirmations
Please confirm your team rosters for this race in this thread. You have until 15:20 UTC on Sunday, 13 to confirm to the race.

It is preferred that only a team manager or vice-manager perform this task, but individual drivers may do so.

Please follow this format:

Quote :teamName,number,username,driver name,country

*The comma (,) MUST seperate each field! Do not follow the comma (,) with a space! *

This will be Standard Operating Procedure for each round of this series - all rounds will be run with the tracker operational for ease of making results, etc. This WILL NOT mean that you may rejoin after a timeout - that is still prohibited.
#2 - J@tko
Need Dinner Racing,69,J@tko,Jack Atkinson,England
Western Wolves,08,suzuki94,Mathias Wentjärvi,Finland
Ping Timeout,64,Flame CZE,Martin Kapal,Czech Republic
Lublin Racing Team,13,patryk_dk,Patryk Koltowski,Poland
Ping Timeout,28,Kid222,Zdeněk Cagaš,Czech Republic
PLZ,58,malcomax,Max Norris,Italia
PLZ,57,ZyXEL,Edgars Pulins,Lettonia
Mafia Racing,86,elpiojoso,Sergio Durelli,Argentina
#9 - RLeb
Angry Angus Racing,90,rleb,Rejean LeBlanc,Canada
(kiste) DELETED by dekojester : deleted per team manager request
Angry Angus Racing,38,jmeade,Jared Meade,Canada
My3id Gaming,36,kart-36,Joe Holmes,England
My3id Gaming,89,MaunoKasa,Jarno Lehikoinen,Finland
Western Wolves,09,Terga,Alen Terzic,Bosnia and Herzegovina
CoRe Racing,30,iginla,Jesse Telkkälä,Finland
CoRe Racing,31,RiGun,Ariel Chiodini,Argentina
CoRe Racing,32,locovich,Dario Ramos,Argentina
CoRe Racing,33,DeadWolfBones,Ben Keough,USA

CoRe Racing 2,70,FL4SH-,Toni Lähteenmäki,Finland
CoRe Racing 2,71,IsaacPrice,Isaac Price,Wales
CoRe Racing 2,72,marakattimax,Teemu Suninen,Finland
CoRe Racing 2,73,ilbens,Ilari Juusela,Finland

CoRe Racing 3,34,kiste,Christian Kistner,Germany
Genuine Racing,04,DarknessPainF1,Joonas Koskinen,Finland
Last Lap Motorsports 2,26,mariuszek22,Mariusz Jachna,Poland
SAVAGE SimSports,55,prOmo_LTU,Laurynas Matonis,Lithuania
Team Vires 1,53,vipex123,James Peace,England
Team Vires 2,98,przemek21061995,Przemek Wdowiarz,Poland
Mafia Racing,80,gaston_ar44,Gaston Miño,Argentina
spdoRacing,16,reigga,Mikko Meriluoto,Finland

LFSCART Light Series 2012: Round 6 Confirmations
(19 posts, started )