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Brackensville Speedway (0.7 Mile Oval)
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Brackensville Speedway (0.7 Mile Oval)
Hello there.

Here is a Nascar oval layout i have made, its the biggest oval possible on autocross. Its great fun, and would be great for leauge racing.

Pit lane:

It has a nascar style pit lane, wide pit boxes which you can press car reset in and still be facing the correct way, pit lane speed 80kph/ roughly 50mph (50 is marked on the floor for mph).
And includes a yellow pit box for the safety car to wait in at the end of the pit lane. Pit lane is acessed via entering the apron on the back streight.

Turns/Apron: The insides of the turns are marked with white lines, and two sets of speed bumps and cones, so even if you try to corner cut, its actually slower hitting the speed bumps. And on the very insides of the turns are the aprons used to enter/exit the pits.
Turn 1 - 2 is slightly different to 3 and 4, so it isnt just the same thing at both ends of the oval.
Also, the outside of the turns are marked with chalk lines not walls so that you have some runoff area.

Streights: The back streight has 3 lane markings down it like a road, simerlar to martinsville. The front streight is the one next to the pit lane which has the start/finish.

Race starts: As you know on autocross the start line faces you in which would be the wrong direction to go around this layout, but as real nascar have rolling starts which is what you would have to do in a race on this layout, after lining up, rolling around turn 4 is a Blue line which indicates when the leader can decide to gun it or not for a race to the line to start the race etc. (if your a nascar fan you will know all this etc)

Iv included a XRT setup for you to try also.

If you want to use this for any leauge racing feel free, i would like a invite though . Do not edit it without my permission please. Thanks

Any questions, just ask.
Feedback welcome! Enjoy.

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Brackensville Speedway (0.7 Mile Oval)
(1 post, started )