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Masters of Endurance - 24 Hours of Aston Grand Prix - 2012: Race Discussion/Broadcast

Talk your fingers off about the race here!

If you want to be interviewed on the broadcast, you can make a post here saying so and maybe Phil will notice.

Let's try to get as manyyyyyy people as we can to watch this (100+ and fuse will take his shirt off!), should be a great time even throughout the night.

Notice that the video is bigger than normal. This puts the chat down low and you might not see it. If you are lazy and don't mind a quality drop, then you can use the second button on the top right to "shrink" the video and the chat will become next to it. Maybe you want both? Good, I got a solution! Try using this link here, and you should be able to see the video and chat full screen (or nearly).

Notice Twitter is added to the chat. Every hour the #lfsmoe Twitter account will be automatically updated by the Tracker and will send the top 3 positions from each class.

All the links you will need should be on the bottom of the livestream. There will be a ticker going across the bottom of the stream. It is just hyperlinks so click it and off you go with tracker, remote, twitter, website, spdo live etc.

One last thing for now. Don't be shy to ask questions, here or on stream chat. Also don't be shy if you want to be interviewed or guest commentary or something. Throughout the night will be many people getting tired, so lets try to keep things spiced up.
I'll be on there In 4th hour or something.

Best of luck to everyone!
#4 - kiste
Let´s get the party start!
Imma be on as long as possible. Let's get it started already!
I'm up for an interview at some point
#7 - IMOL
Since I have to work early shift as per usual this weekend, I won't be able to provide much help to the broadcast this year, I guess it'll go much better than normal for a MoE broadcst.
Quote from dekojester :Since I have to work early shift as per usual this weekend, I won't be able to provide much help to the broadcast this year, I guess it'll go much better than normal for a MoE broadcst.

It's pitty, man
Is MoE providing a Teamspeak server or is each team responsible for their own (my team has access to a few servers, just wondering if we are expected to be on a certain server, easier for admins to find us, easier for the broadcast to find us)

On that topic, during the late night, I don't mind dropping into the commentary box for a chat, and rleb (teammate) is actually the announcer for our kart club, he may be entertaining, he should be around during the night.
#11 - CSF
Most of the admins will be on the NDR teamspeak. I can create you a private room there if you like?
Ok, I was planning on being in the NDR server, we already have a channel in there, thanks.
Looks like it's going to be a great broadcast. Can't wait to watch it in between stints.

Good luck to all participants!
I could drop by to help commentate if you need, had some expirience commentating the last year's first hour alone when CSF left me ;(
I can also possibly join you for some interviews of how much we fail.
The main question that every one wants to know is, Scipy confirmed to make an appearance?

Yesterday I enjoyed the stream really a lot! Good quality, good commentary and the sound along with video were smooth and pretty clear Keep it up!
#19 - troy
I wish the best luck and much fun to all of you!
<3 you all
Loving it so far
Me or the guy that wasnt supposed to be here at this time!
Me or the guy that discover that any TEM was here (thx Lauris).
Me or the guy that took a moment to download skin and setup.
Me or the guy that was on cruise settings for the wheel.
Me or the guy that had the wrong team name on his plate (FSR instead of TEM).
Me or the slowest guy from GT2.
Me or the guy that got a LFS crash.

Pay mah luck.

PS : Sorry for car's i've caused troubles :/