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Wierd pc problems-need help !
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Wierd pc problems-need help !
As title says i have a very wierd problem,and i've been fighting with this for days now without succes,and i would really appreciate if some1 could help.
So here is what happened:
I plugged my camera in on my usb port on top of the case,which sometimes would make my pc freeze up for a second,and sometimes loose internet.But after a restart everything works.Well this time it did the same,i worked around in windows a bit before restarting,everything worked.So i restart,and i got a disc read error,ctrl,alt,del to restart.okay.. i did that several times,same thing.. so right away it got me scared i was afraid mobo got shorted.. after like half hour ctrl alt del,windows came up,but i had no internet. reboot router etc,usual stuff still nothing,than i noticed my lan port isnt lid up.check device manager,doesnt even see it.okay.I started looking on net,found nothing useful,than i plugged cable in my other lan port.that works fine.Than my second problem is besides getting in windows takes sometimes 10 minutes is that not all the time windows sais my usb could work faster with a hi speed usb port,i click on the error bubble and i loose all my usb ports,restart pc,eveything works again but keep saying the same thing. so igo check error code is 43.i uninstalled host controllers,hubs etc. win reinstalls them,same thing.. i wanna do driver update,says they are up to date and devices work properly. And i dont know what else to do here without a reinstall or replacing parts. Please haalp !!!
Try updating the drivers manually, windows doesn't put in the best drivers. Goto your motherboard site and download from there.
Open a dos prompt and run chkdsk /f, say yes, and reboot.
This sounds like your motherboard is dying, if a clean Windows install didn't help, it's the most plausible explanation.
i updated everything from gigabyte but it seems like it didnt even install coz when i click install its instanlty ready. i havent installed windows yet,coz if it comes back as a faulty/burnt out hdd which gives the disc read error sometimes and all this problems im having,than i wanna buy an SSD drive.oh i ran everything million times,chkdsk,memory test even did mbr fix
Sounds like motherboard to me too.
everything forks fine when the system boots eventually,i can beat the crap out of it with anything i throw to it,games,rendering etc even for days running straight.but once i shut it off,its a fight again. Now i just ordered an ssd,i hope it fixes it.
Have you check the old hard disk with a program that shows the s.m.a.r.t. data? Like HD tune?

It sounds very much like the problem I had with my hard disk. Getting the machine to boot into windows was difficult but once it got past the hard disk detection in bios it was smooth sailing. But getting it past that moment took several tries.
Would be worth checking what the HD's own diagnostics (S.M.A.R.T) have to say, it should show up there if thats the problem. If nothing shows up with that it could be worth seeing what diagnostic utilities you can get for voltages, to me it sounds like the part of your motherboard that supplies power to on board peripherals (USB, LAN possibly also IDE, mouse/keyboard, onboard sound etc) is damaged.
The total randomness of you problems could hint to a faulty power supply. Did you try changing that?
no sir,i was thinking the same as some of u pointed me at,but ssd is coming now anyway,i`ll try it see what happens and report back,so other with same problem have an idea too. I just want to spend the least amount of money on it atm,since i put way too much in it already.
Okay im doing ssd install right now and its no good.
First i unplugged all hdds,so only blue ray drive and ssd connected. start pc,get error for posible overclocking or voltage changes. ok i did overclock long time ago,but how i go back to stock in bios? anyway hit enter,and start process,boot from dvd.. wont do anything,put in other win cd,starts loading files,half way thru i get an error msg saying uplug dvd drive or external drives.ok. so i unplugged dvd,and put back my ide cd drom. from that everything worked fine,but extremley slow windows install,and now after its first restart i get the same disc read error occured,ctrl alt del to restart. so now what?

UPDATE: the voltage error might have been coz i unplugged things.So now when it boots it wont see ide cd rom,so i unplugged it(and i got voltage error again,so this why i think above said) and set priority boot to ssd,and it resumed to installing,and as im typing this it restarted and disc read error again.. im fkin done with this...
Quote :but how i go back to stock in bios?

Should be a reset jumper on the board, usually marked fairly clearly. If you cant find it pull the cmos battery out, a few min should do but a couple of hours to be sure if you have time.
Seriously man, I suggest you stop driving yourself crazy over this and get a new MoBo. The kind of errors you're getting point to a fried MoBo more and more...
Quote from stan.distortion :Should be a reset jumper on the board, usually marked fairly clearly. If you cant find it pull the cmos battery out, a few min should do but a couple of hours to be sure if you have time.

but why does everything work fine when windows come in eventually?
in my point of view if something is dead ,it should not work.
MB is way too complex piece of electronics to either just work or don't work. For instance, operating system doesn't do direct BIOS calls to handle device communications, so when Windows loads, the messed up pathways might not be in use. I'm just guessing here, but when your MB has problems booting and complains about incorrect voltages and stuff, it's its way to tell you it's about to give in for good.
Other likely possibility is of course a faulty RAM which you can test very easily by borrowing a stick from someone, but my bet is still on the MB.
Yes probably is a mobo problem,but im not buying a new one,ill stick to my problems until i build a new pc. But the voltage errors came up coz i unplugged things,just to try if its cable problems etc.Anyway,i have 4 memory sticks,what should i do?
Try to check your control panel > device manager and check if there are devices that have notifications icon with them and if possible fix the problems that are stated.

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Quote from e2mustang :Anyway,i have 4 memory sticks,what should i do?

If possible, get a completely different memory stick that's 100 % known to work elsewhere and put it in instead of your 4 sticks. Even though I doubt it's the RAM, it's something you can test pretty easily so I guess it's worth a try.

i had same problem...i my case a new power suply solved it!!
my pc only bootet in one of 20 tries...first i also thought its the mobo...but now its very stable and save...powersuply is the heart of a pc...if the heards gets old ( voltage dies) the system gets faulty
oh nice,maybe i try to get a used one and see if it helps ! The SSD didnt work tho,i forgot to write back here. and im not going to change mobo
thx to all anyways !

Wierd pc problems-need help !
(21 posts, started )