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CM Storm -TRR- Championship 2012 (AWARDS ANNOUNCED)
Hey Everyone,

Team Rock Racing will organize their annual championship again!

We will have 18 events, of which 17 official championship events!

This year's championship is proudly sponsored by CM Storm - Advanced Gaming Hardware and SteelSeries - Professional Game Gear!

For 2012, everyone is welcome to join, but those that want to win awards, have to pay €12,50 via PayPal. (Was 7,50€ before first race)
Don't want to win awards, but do want to attend? Than it's free for you sir/madam!

The -TRR- Championship 2011 saw outsiders join for the first time, and this has become such a success that we now are completally open to public. Last year the outsiders and -TRR- class got split in the results, but now everyone has a fair chance to win, and there is only 1 field/class.

The Team Rock Racing Championship 2012, will have multiple car and track combinations, and will let the players look at all sides of LFS.

The awards for the championship are finally all announced as of today 14-10-2012!

Champion: SteelSeries SRW-S1, CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset, CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Mouse and Bridgestone goodies

2nd: SteelSeries DESMO, SteelSeries SIBERIA v2 Full-Size-Headset and Bridgestone goodies

3rd: CM Storm SONUZ Headset and CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Mouse

4th: CM Storm SONUZ Headset

5th: CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse

6th: CM Storm Speed RX Mousepad and Bridgestone goodies

This year we will also throw in some special awards, these are the following:

Best Newcomer:
Most Unfortunate Driver:
Driver of the year (this doesn't have to be the champion):

Remember, if you want to win awards, then you'd have to pay the entrance fee of €12,50 via PayPal to: [email protected]

To sign up for the -TRR- Championship 2012 (where everyone is welcome) only thing you'd have to do is to reply here, with the following info:

!Sign-up form for -TRR- 2012 1.5!

First and Lastname:
LFSW Username:
Team Tag:
I want to win awards and will pay the fee (Yes/No):

Server info:

Server hosted at:
500servers in United Kingdom

-TRR- Events

Session times:
Test: 20:00 (day prior to events)
Official Practise: 17:00 (1 hour)
Official Qualification: 20:30 (25 minutes)
Official Race: 21:00

Time-zone GMT+1, Dutch and German times.

Provisional calender:

January 28th 20:30 GMT+1
CM Storm Cooper Race
UF1 @ AS1R = 36 laps

February 11th 20:30 GMT+1
Monster Energy F-BMW GP of America
FBM @ SO6 = 32 laps

February 25th 20:30 GMT+1
Fanatec GTi Trophy of Japan
XFG @ KY2R = 21 laps

March 17th 20:30 GMT+1
Bridgestone Race of Men
LX6 @ FE3R = 25 laps

March 31st 20:30 GMT+1
Spire GP of England
FO8 @ AS6R = 19 laps

April 21st 20:30 GMT+1 Rallycross Event
RB4 @ FE5R = 31 laps

May 5th 20:30 GMT+1 GT Race
XRT @ SO4 = 33 laps

June 9th 20:30 GMT+1
CM Storm 250
RAC @ KY1 = 84 laps

June 30th 20:30 GMT+1
Fanatec Rallycross Event
XRG @ BL2R = 26 laps

July 14th 20:30 GMT+1
Bridgestone Grand Prix of Japan
BF1 @ KY3R = 40 laps

August 25th 20:30 GMT+1
Vonken Baby GT-R Event
UFB @ AS2 = 22 laps

September 8th 20:30 GMT+1
XRR @ BL1X = 1 hour race (open config)

September 29th 20:30 GMT+1
SPAM Japanese Donkerham GP
LX4 @ KY2R = 21 laps

October 13th 20:30
Bridgestone V8 Trophy
FO8 @ BL1R = 23 laps

October 27th 20:30
CM Storm GTi Cup
XFG @ FE3 = 18 laps

November 10th 20:30
Spire Europe FOX Masters
FOX @ AS3 = 23 laps

November 24th 20:30
-TRR- Kart Trophy
MRT @ AS1 = 39 laps

YEAR ENDING EVENT: (not part of championship)
December 8th 20:00
Vonken Banger Tournament
XFG @ BL3, AU1, AU1 & AU2

Thanks for reading, and hopefully we see you in our championship in 2012!

For info's about -TRR- Championship's from 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012!, go here: ... hp/competition/standings/

Kind Regards,
Team Rock Racing
Ton Arends, Walter Lemmens and Tommy Østgaard
Current sign-ups (19/45):

[COLOR="Red"]#00 Juen-Jen Wang - Teamless Drivers[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Green]#01 Nikifor Đaković - Team Rock Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Magenta]#02 Willem Sijtsma - Team Rock Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]#05 Robin Lowik - Master Team Drivers Zero Xtreme
#06 Rik Kardol - Master Team Drivers Zero Xtreme[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Green]#07 Walter Lemmens - Team Rock Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Green]#11 Bozhidar Velinov - Team Rock Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]#13 Joakim Rognlien - Team Rock Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]#14 Jani Oravisjärvi - Piri Motorsport[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Green]#17 Christel van Essen - Team Rock Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Green]#22 Ton Arends - Team Rock Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]#23 Stephan Kriz - Team Rock Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]#33 Valtteri Pitkänen - Teamless Drivers[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]#47 Nicholas Wrage - Team 6th Gear Racing
#55 Thorsten Ulrich - Team 6th Gear Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]#64 Martin Kapal - Savage SimSports[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Green]#66 Tommy Østgaard - Team Rock Racing[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]#77 Mark Kangur - Scuderia GP[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]#93 Jaroslav Dohnalík - Angel Power Racing[/COLOR]

-TRR- Championship 2012 Test Race!

Out of nowhere, -TRR- will throw a Test Race for it's 2012 championship!

Official Event info:

Date Today, Sunday 1st of January 2012!
BAWLS Pre-Season Event

Time: 20:00 GMT+1

Cars: FXR & XRR+3kg
Track: Kyoto Ring Long / KY3
Laps: 25

Registration is not needed, however if you want to be in the championship afterwards, or already, please fill in the form standing above.

Do you want to get known to our events, then take your chance and join.

Server info:
-TRR- Public
No pass yet, to be put on at 20:00

Practise: 19:00 -19:30
Qualfication: 20:00 - 20:25
Race: 20:35 (we don't wait, 20:35 is start)

Basic rules here!

To -TRR- members:
Skins will mostlikely not be finished in time, so we'll use a temporary one:
http://i0.simplest-image-hosti ... aacc163dd507/fxr-trr0.jpg

File should be renamed to FXR_TRR00.jpg

Have fun!
First and Lastname: Elvis Libietis
LFSW Username: MousemanLV
Team Tag:
Desired-Carnumber: 24
Date-of-Birth: 18/05/96
Nationality: Latvian
First and Lastname: Sean Williams
LFSW Username:
Team name:
Team Vires
Team Tag:

Looks like fun!
The BAWLS Pre-Season Event is starting NOW!

Join for official practise!

-TRR- Public
First and Lastname: Niall Murray
LFSW Username: n-murray
Teamname: Team Vires
Team Tag: V\
Desired-Carnumber: 5
Date-of-Birth: 25/03/95
Nationality: Irish
Don't know un how many races I will be able to participate,but still:

First and Lastname: Ronalds Kronpušs
LFSW Username: Eclipsed
Teamname: TheReality Racing Team
Team Tag: [TR]
Desired-Carnumber: 96
Date-of-Birth: You want to know too much!
Nationality: Latvia
I want to win awards and will pay the fee (Yes/No): NO
Quote from Eclipsed :Don't know un how many races I will be able to participate,but still:

First and Lastname: Ronalds Kronpušs
LFSW Username: Eclipsed
Teamname: TheReality Racing Team
Team Tag: [TR]
Desired-Carnumber: 96
Date-of-Birth: You want to know too much!
Nationality: Latvia

If you don't accept not fully filled sign-up form,then ignore this.

PS. Not racing today anyway

I accept any sign-up as long as you do atleast 1 race.

Thanks for signing @rest&you
First and Lastname: Timo Heinonen
LFSW Username: Tipsu
Teamname: Team 6th Gear Racing
Team Tag: 6th
Desired-Carnumber: 75
Date-of-Birth: 7.10.1995
Nationality: Finnish
First and Lastname: Jonathon Provost
LFSW Username: jonathon.provost
Team name: Ident-Racing
Team Tag: [IR]
Desired-Carnumber: 97
Date-of-Birth: 26th Oct 1997
Nationality: English
First and Lastname: Sasha Aleksic
LFSW Username: Sasha-55
Team Tag:
Desired-Carnumber: 58
Date-of-Birth: January 16 1996
Nationality: Canadian
Thanks for your sign-ups.

Today I'll be doing the results of the pre-season event, posting some screenshots, and updating some info's about the 2012 season.
First and Lastname: Tommy Østgaard
LFSW Username: Tomhah
Teamname: Team Rock Racing
Team Tag: RST
Desired-Carnumber: 66
Date-of-Birth: 08.03.1993
Nationality: Norwegian
First and Lastname: Frederik Ernst
LFSW Username: Noice DK
Teamname: Team Rock Racing
Team Tag: -TRR-
Desired-Carnumber: 19
Date-of-Birth: 19/03/96 (19 march 1996)
Nationality: Danish
Thanks you both!

Looking forward for more entries.

P.S. thanks to private reasons, I did not have time for the test race results yet. However, going to work on them now, expect them soon.
Hey guys,

A.t.m. I'm without internet in my new home, as the internet/tv/telephone thing in my livingroom is broken.

Technical service guy was here this morning and said that he fixed it, however, it's still not working.

In the meantime I'll sometimes log-in to this other computer to check things out.

I'd like to ask you all for more sign-ups for this league, as it really could be a success.


Kind Regards,
Team Rock Racing
Walter / Rocky7up
New Sign-ups:

#13 Duncan van Dijk - Team Rock Racing
#23 Štěpán Kříž - Team Rock Racing
#95 Teemu Toikka - Team Rock Racing
Quote :Want some combo's in? post them in a reply!

Is that like us giving an idea of a combo? Might join but not so sure 'bout the dates & times.
Quote from sjava :Is that like us giving an idea of a combo? Might join but not so sure 'bout the dates & times.

That was indeed meant as giving idea's of nice combo's.

I hope you can join, but ofcourse you'd have to be sure about dates and times.
First and Lastname:Andrew Watson
LFSW Username: awatson06
Team Tag:
Desired-Carnumber: 69
Date-of-Birth: 21-1-95

Nationality: irish
First and Lastname: Daniel Lowe
LFSW Username: tacticalnoob
Team Tag:
Desired-Carnumber: 53
Date-of-Birth: 30/09/92
Nationality: English
New sign-up:
#14 Marijn de Groot - Team Rock Racing
First post was updated.