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Driving Force Pro Help for LFS
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Driving Force Pro Help for LFS
My DFP has just arrived, and at the moment there is no FFB, or complete 900 degree steering on LFS. What program/driver do I use that allows me to set the wheel to actually turn 900 degrees? *its only doing 90 at the moment* And what can I do with the FFB?
1. Download and install Wingman profiler from here:

2. After installation, press Select + R3 + Right gear paddle on DFP, it will go in to full 900 degree lock mode

3. If not already set, open the profiler and set the steering lock to 900 (or 720 if you wish)

4. Start up LFS, go to options and set Wheel Turn to 900 or 720. Compensation doesn't matter with these high steering degrees.

5. Enjoy LFS with your 900 degree DFP!
Thanks very much.
I'll use this topic to ask one question. I have problem with DFP, i feel slight delay on my wheel between what i do and how fast that appear on screen.
So the question is what can be a reason or that any other owner of DFP have something like this. I can say its not only in LFS, but also in other games. I have nforce 2 mainbord A7N8X Deluxe 1.4, GF6600 GT, newest drivers for everything - mobo, graphic, directx and logitech 4.60.

Could this be fault of wheel or software problem ? I think its not issue with my pc, as on GT4 was the same. I catch myself i started to playing on mouse, because my wheel piss me off, its almost impossible to counter steer or drift no matter how fast i turn me wheel and how i lower degrees of turn.

Driving Force Pro Help for LFS
(4 posts, started )