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Drift Meter help!
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Drift Meter help!
Hello, i need help with drift meter. I downloaded lfs lapper I want to see drift score table, but i can't to set it to work. I set Drift Option to "Yes", but it anyway show me a race table. What i need to do to show to me a drift score table?



Make sure the $DefaultTopCar is set to show the cars you drift with.

For instance, the standard LFSLapper.lpr config file shows $DefaultTopCar = "XFG";

Great if you drift with XFG, but not good for showing showing drift scores with RAC, XRT, etc.

So change $DefaultTopCar = "XFG"; to something like


Or, if you want to make sure you get every car captured for the !top and !drf commands, use

Clicking on your link gets me a "Forbidden" message.

Try this;

In the LFSLapper files, open the /default folder/directory, then the /includes folder/directory.

In there, you'll find a file called addonused.lpr

Open with a notepad type editor (Notepad, PSPad, etc).

Look for a line that has #include( "./driftmeter.lpr");

Remove the hash (#) symbol from the front of the line (hash is like a comment symbol and tells LFSLapper to ignore everything in the line after it).

When your new line reads include( "./driftmeter.lpr");, then save the file, and restart LFSLapper.

You will still have to amend $DefaultTopCar in the lapper config file if you want to see more than one car when looking at who's top.
Thanks for help!
I have a error...
When I tryto start up LFS Lapper it starts to run but then closes down, is their a way to fix this?

Drift Meter help!
(6 posts, started )