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my 1st AX
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my 1st AX
hey all this is my 1st autocross layout and i work my ass on it, so download it, try it and tell me what ya think of it
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AU1_fun-run1.lyt - 4 KB - 645 views
#2 - Swat
pictures would help
i'm a noob, how can a take a pic of it?
#4 - Jakg
print screen...
i push the print screen on my keybord and it doesn’t do anything
Then you go to paint or whatever image editing software you use, you paste, and there you have your image, then you save it, and you post it here.
#7 - Swat
hey thanks, that fraps helps alot

hear are some pics
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LFS 2006-05-03 18-31-05-79.bmp
LFS 2006-05-03 18-31-28-51.bmp
LFS 2006-05-03 18-31-39-89.bmp
Looks like fun

Next time tho, you should upload larger pics in .jpg format
lol man i can't make anyone happy
Hehe, don't sweat it Looks like a fun layout, I'll give it a go tommorrow
I'll try it tonigh. But the print screen thingy is a lot better, quality is higher, and you can use jpeg, wich loads faster on my slow school connection
#13 - Swat
print screen you have to exit program (or Shift + F4) and paste in paint every time, fraps can take multiple pictures, and you could always open the files made by fraps and save them as jpegs or any other format
um so dose anyone like my layout
Quote from datsun dude :um so dose anyone like my layout

I liked it alot, it was great fun with the Lx4

my 1st AX
(15 posts, started )