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Round 6: Race Discussion
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Quote from Gener_AL (UK) :aye thanks chaps, when my car cut out I was checking my pedals everything then realised no fuel, ohhh fram how i swore

Thanks for the push

Well you can't hate me more than I hate my self ...I mean I would have prefer to say that I forgot it...but I removed it GRRRrrrrr
Quote from Iginla :I wanted try to be Ken Block, it ended pretty badly...

Something went wrong when we doing our second pitstop; it didnt changed boothy as a driver. So, I did another hour but went too in that curb and then I flipped out.


He said you shifted to first gear.

And if you notice going two-wheels, steer the other way and slow, even if you are going to kiss the barrier, better an additional pit as a DNF.

But hey, can't be helped now, let's look forward to BL

Our stagecoach was doing fine today though, nearly top ten
Gutted I couldn't race, decorating my room an couldn't get my Internet cable adapter so couldn't drive. Looks like indentity are doing a ficken awesome job
They did, such as MPRW, great result for you guys, gratz!
Well done to my "Trial-Team" TEM for finishing an awesome 5th as best FXR

EDIT: Ofc to Identity and the other teams that did well!
Yeah super job identity, sorry that I let you guy down and couldn't race. Great job
Also grats to the top 3 the drunk munapaa's
it was the race of my live. such a good setup and my favourite track as some of you may already know.
the first hour went crazy, i was on fire and overtook driver by driver, when starting from 26th position and coming into pits on p9.
the last 2 stints where some kind of critical, because lomp did an early pitstop as he crashed in turn 9 and made changeover to jos, 15 minutes before stints end, so i had to compansate the minutes and drove 2 stints 10 minutes longer than it used to be, i was really struggling with understeering as the tyres where thin like a piece of paper, i was nervous like a pig and sweaty all over my body, luckily the tyres survived and we finished p12.

further review these days

The f-

Well, what's better than getting the car on 2nd hour and leading, having a battle with Sven for couple of laps, go wide, just drive for 1.5h cruising and doing some good times..

Well, Safety Car comes out and SCP (or whatever it is, serbian something) spin in T1 on restart and have to brake to watchout and everyone passes, back to 8th.. Well, get understeer in T9, hit the wall, go to pits to repair it and Isaac takes over and find out I didn't fix the damage Oh well, another lap and SC comes out and we get to fix it.

After Isaac's stints we were 3rd, I take the car and immediately when I get the lead from Identity, my computer just decides to turn off without any warning or anything - just went off.

Well, what's better than just cruising in the end, trying to do 22's with damaged car..

Could've won easily without technical problems.. meh.. Better luck next time
Grats to Identity, great job and great battle with you guys
What can I say

Things didin´t look so good when starting to this race, 24th position wasnt what we expected. Testing the race set at the first quali and flipping at the first lap in the second one wasnt, what you could call "great".

Yann did an epic job to raise to 14th, after that it wasnt rather exciting second stint for me, got some positions. After that on Yann´s stint, SC came out and we decided to abandon our four stop strategy and go whit 1h stints to end. That worked well and we had 7th position when it came my turn to drive. We we´re planned that I´ll do the two last hours, but some bad lagging for me made us to make second thorughs. Somewhere during the second to last stint, I had an avast pop-up at the oval section. Luckely, I hitted the wall nose first and there wasnt any damage for suspension. We lost something like 15 seconds in that. My lag wasnt so bad anymore, so we desided to go whit the original plan and let me to do the last hour. Mpower and drunk overtook AMG quite fast and it didn´t take me too long either to get AMG. Seemed like Drunk was going to catch mpower and I tried to catch that group too, but its no chance to be faster than them whit the bus. Exciting moments for sure to mpower and drunk for such a close finish Whitout that pop-up, I´ll belive we could even have podium, but being the best bus of the field whit 5th position, in a non good track for FXR.

Getting 3rd time in a row in top5 is great stuff indeed

Hopes high for blackwood!
Quote from MonkeyHead :Session of Incident: Race
Lap of incident: 146 (last lap)
Timecode of incident (may either be qualifying time remaining, race time, or mpr time): 6h1min
Your car Number: 21
Other Car(s) Involved: 25
Brief description of incident: 25 doesn't leave room for 21 in last turns to outside line so 21 was not able to get side by side to next turns anyhow. Just before finish line 25 changes his line a little just before 21 was getting side by side so 21 had to do a rapid move to avoid getting hit. 25 finished 0.05 seconds before 21 so I'm sure this made us lose 1 position.

ok this is in my opinion just unnessesery you did good show tho
Runas I know you're fast, but I was able to get to you, but wasn't able to pass, and was loosing down-force and time, then you got away as my tires got worn-out. But was hoping you let me pass so I get more distance from DRUNK.

Quote from MonkeyHead :Session of Incident: Race
Lap of incident: 146 (last lap)
Timecode of incident (may either be qualifying time remaining, race time, or mpr time): 6h1min
Your car Number: 21
Other Car(s) Involved: 25
Brief description of incident: 25 doesn't leave room for 21 in last turns to outside line so 21 was not able to get side by side to next turns anyhow. Just before finish line 25 changes his line a little just before 21 was getting side by side so 21 had to do a rapid move to avoid getting hit. 25 finished 0.05 seconds before 21 so I'm sure this made us lose 1 position.

Alright, I looked at it twice, you were a bit messy in the Boothy chicane, cutting in some laps, no offense everybody did it sometime or another. Good brakes on that FZR I have to say.

Last corner, I don't know how it's with NDR rules exactly but I remember those CRC rules.
You've braked later than me and took the outside line, ended up in drift in the corner.
I cut the corner quite a lot still behind the apex we managed to hit, wasn't intentional I just didn't have were to go. You kept the front inside while sliding the rear.
Quote :O-1: To obtain right of road position in a corner, the overtaker's car must have substantial overlap of the car that is being overtaken, before they reach the corner's turn-in point. Should the overtaking car not have enough overlap, the leading car may resume its racing line without fear of contact.

Maybe you managed to get some overlap on the brakes maybe not, but before brakes you didn't have, I don't have time to check the opposite side if you're flying there or not, sorry. So I cut and tried to leave you some space.

The straight, I don't know what to say, I have the right to make one change of line on the straight so I used it. It's called defending IMHO.
Quote :O-5: Ahead drivers have the right to choose any line down a straight. The ahead driver may make one move to block the opposing car, and one move to return to the racing line before the next corner - Unless the opposing car has overlap.

That's it.
Good race, did have an unlucky collision in first Lap though, got overtaken by FXR which took slightly outside line, FXR driving too close, maybe lag and I got hit/kicked, turned around and slide out on grass while the FXR was unaffected, eager driving after start... never changes. Keep it cool guys, pls.
Car survived, then some other collisions happened when my teammates were behind the wheel, car received another damage but we were able to continue without repair.
Well that what happened on straight I don't know is line changing right word for it because in my car it was looking like a rapid dangerous move and that made me watch out a little and I made a fast rapid move too. I don't know how much I lost there but maybe it was worth of 0.05 that we lost for you before finish line.

And about that slide I just had to do it to make FZR turn better. Without that slide it would have been hard to get out of the turn on outside line.
Extremely up and down race for CoRe, ending wayyyyyyyyyy down. Got to lead for an hour or so (off sequence), which is an extreme rarity for me, to say the least. Oh well, if not for the crappy server/connections we might have made a decent result out of this one.
Reasonable first race for us :P
We're happy to race here, first hour was fantastic!
I've make a great start, I was on the rear of Yann, but prefering to stay calm and wise. A freeze a boothy chicane mean i've brake a little bit earlier, but Lombardi had no reflex, and crash me on rear...
After the first safety car, i was on the same lap as leader who mean I was on the back of grid, on green flag I remember that i've passed 2 drivers until the t1 it was crazy!
I remember to pit in a very good P11, but the race was going to became serious and I lost 1 laps from leader. That mean I was in the middle for the 2 others sc, I was scared by the idea to make crash with guys who will pass me because of the blue flag. But fortunately, i haven't cause any crash, but i've seen 2 crashs after each restart. At the last crash, I switched between two drops of water like we said in french (that mean I passed very close between 2 cars)
I was supposed to pass the wheel to my team mate for 3h of race, but I finally pass it after 3h40 of race :P
Thanks to admin for let us racing, and thanks racers for the race!
See you maybe (i hope) for the next race!
The race was pretty good, in the beginning we had some problems and we were allready down to 20 something. But after 3 hours of the race we even was first for a little moment. After the last pitstop we had fixed damage on our car in total for 50secs and was about 8secs behind 3 place, Monkey fighted the hole last stint and after 6 hours we were 0.05secs from podium we just hitted the wall in turn 9 once to much cause it took 25secs to repair it Atleast we still got a good position in the championship

And gratz to top-3, nice race there identity
Well, what can I say too

With our 24th place on the grid, we thought we that couldn't aim for anything huge on a conventional strategy, so we decided to go for a 4 stopper. This was definitely risky since only Osku bothered doing a whole 1h12 test-stint, but since we both knew that I am smoother with the tyres than he is, we thought it could well work fine.

As planned with the huge train of cars in midfield, having a large amount of fuel wasn't quite an handicap for first stint. So I still managed to overtake a good amount of teams, taking benefit of the experience of this kind of situations I gained over the years. First SC helped us quite a lot also, since it removed the huge gap made between the two parts of the field, thanks to the early Great White North Racing train. I finished my stint fine and gave the car to Osku, who joined back around 14th. 10 places gained, quite the average when I start 1st stints around the back in GTAL, so that's okay.

Osku did a great stint too, putting us to 9th after stop n°2.

I just got back at the wheel when two SC occured in a row. At the second one(around 2h40) we predicted that a large amount of teams were going to pit, so staying on 4 stops was quite pointless. We decided to pit and switch on 5 stops. Our fast reaction meant that we went into the pits right after the SC message came in, allowing us to leapfrog a few more teams.

This meant that once everyone had stopped we would be back to 4th. Had fresh air and stuff but still couldn't manage to hit so much great times. But I still did good enough to maintain us around the front.

Osku came back for the last 2 stints. It appeared that we were set for 3rd, but a pop-up at the end of his 1st stint made us lose around 15 seconds and drop back to 7th, at the back of a 5 cars group fighting for 3rd. Osku managed to pass TDRT and AMG. He was more or less matching mpower and DRUNK but he just couldn't gain much ground on them.

We finally finished 5th, a couple of seconds behind the mpower-DRUNK duo. Slightly disappointed we missed a golden podium opportunity due to a technical problem, but a top 5 at ky3b is quite awesome for our small bus. We barely were aiming for a top 10 before the start.

Just a small statistic, looks like TEM is the first team after Inferno to pull three top 5 in a row this season. Obviously we're quite disappointed that our first 3 races were that bad for us because of different reasons, we wouldn't be far from the championship lead otherwise. But with a current 7th-8th position, within a very close group from 3rd to 10th, at one (bus-friendly) round to go, still some chances to do very good at the champ for us.
TEM - You did a very good job, congratulations.
Yeah, great job TEM
Of course there are few others teams to mention, like Identity, Inferno, Core, Genuine, all in all you guys did great, some with very bad luck and so on, great job guys
Awesome fail race for me again.....luckily my teammates managed to get a decent position in the end because I was not getting further in the beginning.

I was told to do some write-up on APR behalf, so here we go:

It was my first race in GTAL, so i had to learn like completely new car, but it went quite ok. First hour i was trying to stay with the pack, but my pace wasn't that good and to add to that, i forgot to shut down Steam, so i was continuousily greeted with popup messages. When i tried to shut it down behind SC, i hit AMG car and failed at the Steam shutdown at the same time. Sorry for that AMG. I gave the car to Jarda, he continued with our standard pace and with some bad luck and 2 SC's he ended up one lap behind just behind leaders... After 2 hours he gave it to Geppert. It was his first GTAL race aswell and he did ok, until his connection gave up. He didn't set his numberplate and skin right, so we got 2 DT's. After that we were behind FSR and IRM, catching up quickly, Jarda did good job in his last stint and i was up for the last part. We overtook FSR and were just 8s behind IRM, when i lost my connection. Then it was just hotlapping and attempt to beat Jarda's best team lap, which i did, though i crashed and had to pit once more.

After all it was good, not finishing last after those events is huge success. Thanks to all for race.
Quote from Timo1992 :Awesome fail race for me again.....luckily my teammates managed to get a decent position in the end because I was not getting further in the beginning.

Ah, it's Timo Hoover
oh hai
Well what to say? 3rd place...something we havent even dreamed of... biggest achievement for mpower team... JackCY did hell of a good job...

as we resolved we havent been beaten by AWD in Japan
Thanks to everyone...thanks for every contact, every crash, every letting go on blue was all part of our great success... I cant even say how happy I am with this result

Round 6: Race Discussion
(201 posts, started )