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Masters of Endurance 2010/2011: The 24 hours of Aston Grand Prix!
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#1 - CSF
Masters of Endurance 2010/2011: The 24 hours of Aston Grand Prix!
So here it is the big one, the 24 hours of Aston Grand Prix for season 2010/2011. Tune in LIVE from 3.55pm GMT today to join myself Chris Ford, Jonathan Palmer, Chris Wilkinson and a host of different guests during the long slog through the night. The race see's Masters of Endurance return to just two classes, and you don't want to miss any minutes of this battle for the Championship.

650K StreamLink:

HQ StreamLink:

External StreamLink: mms://
#2 - Hahmo
About to 30 mins to go
#3 - troy
das lass ich mir nicht entgehen troy

H Shifter rulez
20 min! )))))))))))
#6 - Hahmo
And we're live!
#7 - Kova.
The external stream link dont work on VLC.
Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :This one seems to be down aswell.

multiBC seems to have been having some issues in getting everything into 16:9 and keeping a quality they'd like in the 650K stream, so they've stopped running it for now. I don't know when they'll have it back.
It run for me finally, just take the mms link to IE, then it open WMP with the stream
Sorry to be a bitch but who is with Deko in commentary atm? I dont recognise his voice
I think that would be me,or Marius.
Hellow its me or Lauris =D
Aye its Marius

Heard Lauris earlier so I knew who he was
Well, I'm back from seeing my beloved Sunderland being beaten by the evil Tottenham. So I'll be coming in very shortly!
"We are motivated and professional drivers".

Just thinking, are you still discussing stuff that's suggested? :P
Oh nooo, now they're on the "patch" topic too on the commentary, isn't it enough already on the forum?

EDIT: Oooooh, that's too bad TommyxD

"Boothy's been pantyflashing the car infront for several laps now, oh wait noo, err... I mean just flashing without the panties."

Simon got all Senna worked up so couldn't do a Prost.
any link to download the stream?
Quote from MoMo92i :any link to download the stream?

I'm afraid its like 10-20gb in size.. :P
Interesting talk in the night, when commentators and drivers are getting bored and tired
link fixed /fp
Aye all 3 links are down I believe

Masters of Endurance 2010/2011: The 24 hours of Aston Grand Prix!
(26 posts, started )