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Logitech G25 - Replacement pots - where and what type?
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sweet. I was going to suggest (last resort) buying a mod if you can't get the pot. Or asking someone who has modded their pedals if they no longer require the unused pots.
Would be an option if I didn't needed at least 2 pots.

I was already looking prices for a G27 and how to use G25's shifter on it, but I don't really like to spend money on a new wheel while mine is still alive hehe

I really hope that these pots arrive, I'm not very confident seeing that they didn't answered my mail yet. Not the way to keep customers happy
Ou yeah, the pots are on their way to my home. I'm happy now haha

Seems that the problems with the website are over (maybe they were on holidays?)
Quote from Whiskey :
Seems that the problems with the website are over (maybe they were on holidays?)

Darn!!! Now it says that they are sold out on the website

Did anyone manage to find pots somewhere else?
Too bad to hear that. Hope they fix it (again) like they did just a weeks ago

If you want to look elsewhere I must note that these post are not identical to the originals.

I found that their pots have way less precision that the originals. You can only use 42 steps/positions instead of 255 (1/6th), but hey, I use this with my feet, they are not so precise either
This leads to a small spiking because it can't use the real position. For example, if you want to use the position 127, it would change between 125 and 131. The jumping is always those 6 deegres due to the way they are build (300 working deegres instead of 70º).

I don't regret the purchase, but I hoped they were identical.
Thanks Whiskey for the info.

Actually, I opened the pedals yesterday, cleaned the pots, sprayed some cleaner and they came perfect again!

Hopefully they will hold for another couple of months before I get the Clubsport pedals

Does the g25 pots are the the same as pots of DFGT?
both are 10k ohm, but the G25s are 10k/70, while the DFGT has 10k/80. I guess the 70 and 80 is the usable angle, so it should be possible to use GT potis in the G25 (may be a little less precise). The mounting depth is the same on both pedal sets.

Logitech G25 - Replacement pots - where and what type?
(33 posts, started )