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I think that community will decrease after this. Thats Communism what I dont like.
Hm if you really want to try this out, ok, but I'm a bit worried that we will loose lots of regulars with this measure. The responses so far for the handicaps wasn't that great. It will equal somehow, but I doubt it will go in a positive way.
It will just annoy. Maybe some worse players would be happy but if they come with better skills on day they wont participate as the server would add them handicaps and the race result would be know before even start. And the result would be maybe the same like before so the challange is nowhere.
Quote from L@gger :I think that community will decrease after this. Thats Communism what I dont like.

Hehe, plz keep politics out of our sim racing!

That said I do agree that dynamic restrictions are probably not adapted to demo racing, so it is probably better to keep that for the more advanced drivers in S2...

We'll just prevent Mugen from doing every races lol!
I'm not so concerned about being handicapped, but I think that it's not suitable for demo races, since the cars are underpowered there. And so I'm not a fan of it for demo.

btw: you won't prevent me from doing those races with just slight handicaps^^
Im concerned against it everywhere. I think everyone have the same conditions. I want to be fast and to go forward I dont want to go backward. And the best is to go forward with others and have some great racing.
#32 - C0r3
yesterday the event started 1 hour to early. in the second race u didnt must pit. i did pitstop already in 1st lap, and later i saw, that it wasnt needed.
also !ptp doesnt work.

how many points does sb earn for a win in the 55min race?
it should be around 200, because of length and difficulty.
#33 - C0r3
i saw many ppl get speced because of "impossible acceleration" today.
did u change something in airio, worry?

if this happends during an event, it wont be funny

btw: i made new pb during 5 lap race: 12.88
Main discussion was long ago. Does the events, posted in first post, take place on the servers now?
Not yet mate, EQ Worry and me are in the middle of a big real life work load, but we'll try to start as soon as possible...only one little thing we have to test before the config is ready...

To be continued...
Just a quick reminder that this series is still running. Anyone interested in demo GTI racing on BL1 is welcome at [AA] Demo Racing on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. FBM lovers may come on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 25 minute qualification starts at 19:30 server (UK) time, first race then exactly at 20:00 server time. To see all details concerning race count/length connect to any [AA] server and type !event, then !events. As of present, handicaps are not used, except the general 2% of intake air for XRG. Currently, there are no prices to be won, except self-esteem and respect from others. Demo racing is sliding towards extremely short races (3 laps in all demo combos), this series is for all demo people that have risen at least to the average level, able to complete 10 to 25 laps in XFG/XRG and 15 to 40 laps in FBM.
Today's race was good, but too many racers give up too soon. Hope next time more of us will ''survive'' haha. Congrats to the winner, and too all participants.
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good idea with the races, but for me too many laps and piles clutch to pitstop
cool with a chance of getting a license, and so maybe soon we meet at s1
to many laps and bad option with pitstops and besides, everything ok..