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Some Ebay Advice
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Some Ebay Advice
Hello people,

Three moths ago I opened up a PayPal account with my Visa card. I have been using it on and of. It's been fully verified by my bank account and the restrictions have been lifted. I'm 17 and I entered my true data of birth, i didnt lie or anything.

So if PayPal are happy with the fact that I'm 17 and using there service, can I use Ebay even though they also state you have to be 18?

I have done some research into it but everything I find is from two or three years ago.

If anyone has some advice or information that could be of help, that would be great

P.S I'm studying Law, so I know about binding contracts etc.

I think the only thing with this "18" is that u will take full responsibility for the deals etc. If u mess up big time, then u could be punished. But if ur lower than that then appaerantly ur parents have to deal with it. Im not sure tho, thats just my point of view.
As hazaky says, it's a matter of being sui juris. The age requirement is really more a full legal capacity requirement.
Dont forget paypal and ebay are completely different. Ebay is simply using paypal as a service. Even though you qualify for a paypal account, you dont qualify to open (and use) an ebay account (I'm just going by what you stated). Having a paypal accout is irrelevant IMO.

However, I supposed if you continue to transact without any issues, there wont be any trouble... its only when something goes wrong...

So basically, if you mess up (your Fu**ed) if not then all is well?

If that's the case I'm going go for it
Because you're not legally allowed to sign a contract under 18, and an online sale is a contract which both parties are bound to.
I have had an ebay account and paypal since I was 15 with no problems.
Quote from S14 DRIFT :I have had an ebay account and paypal since I was 15 with no problems.

Same here

Some Ebay Advice
(8 posts, started )