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Season 2011: Schedule
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sem nadšený a těším se na tu další sezónu GTAL. Trať výběry vypadají v pořádku pro mě
Já jako ovce.
:ices_rofl :ices_rofl
btw StableX, your 1st sentence is actually perfect
on the other side, Timo probably wanted to say "I like sheeps.", but he said "I as a sheep."
and this is not offtopic message at all, everythings GTAL related.
Quote from dekojester :German.

And I did like the old one too, but Ellis insisted on a change :|

To clear some things up:

- I did not insist on a change, or at least, I don't remember insisting on a change...

- If you did like the old logo deko, you need not have reminded me to make a logo every day for 1001 days :doh:

- The font used for the '2010' bit of the logo is an imitation of DIN 1451. Imitation because the real DIN 1451 is a commercial font and I have no intention of manufacturing german road signs, so I do not need to buy it.

- The font used for the 'Grand Touring Amateur League' is a totally unrelated font that does not feature on any road signs of any country.
I ve just noticed...the next race (KY3) is already 5th March? only two weeks break and then the last one is 5 weeks after...isnt it a bit odd? or is it because of some other events being held?

Season 2011: Schedule
(31 posts, started )