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Thanks to Deko and team!
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Thanks to Deko and team!
Another season comes to an end and I know it's a lot of time and effort that goes in to planning, managing and sorting everything that makes this event!

Thanks very much for putting on this event for the many drivers that take part....... Really enjoyed the season and had a lot of fun!

From RSR, thanks!

See you next season I hope
#2 - Hahmo
^That from me aswell ^^
See you next season, probably
yeah, been a great season! Thanks to everyone, the admins, the commentators, the sponsors and all the drivers for the fantastic racing.
Thanks for great season!
thanks for the great season deko, the other admins and all the teams !
Thank you Deko for letting my Australian self race :P shame R1 and 6 ended in the same way....thats right im consistent :P
Although i only did 2 races, was good, well done everybody who participated
Thanks for the great season from Team unified and please keep doing this for our all pleasure
Yep, i second everyone here! Thanks everyone involved

Look forward to next season
I also want to say thank you to deko and NDR for the season, was some great fun sometimes and I had good battles.
Thanks Jonathan and all NDR team and people involved in this league,it was an advanture of my career,see you next year
Yep, thanks for all. The league had a better organisation than last year. Well, we've still had some controversial incidents/random controversy about wind, SC, guest teams, etc, but this isn't what I will recall of this season. The last 2 rounds ran extremely smoothly, and it was a real pleasure to drive my a** off in the FXR on those I drove something like 7h40 in the last race, including 2 triple stints

The interrest was generally much more strong than last year, which is a pleasent surprise, as the races were also longer. It was quite a surprise for me TBH, as the league couldn't attract much sign-up in the first few weeks. But - well! - I guess that's mainly because the community realised that very clean racing with serious organisers could be found there

Anyway, to sum up my cheap rant in a few words: Bring on 2011!
Big thanks for this beautiful season.
Quote from JPeace : can e-team still do it next year?

hum...Dunno but I don't think so (at the begining of the season I would have never thought that e-team can be champion).

Can't wait for 2011 season

The level was really higher this season ! SC add something special about strategy, now we need to really adapt it each race whereas without safety car, we need to adapt it only in case of problems

No problems about organisation this year it was nearly perfeckt ! For sure E-Team gonna be back in 2011 I think that lot of team really improve during the season ofc 7Karat, but sa, CW, TEM or deadline too ! Some driver have become really strong look at Sean ! He didn't have done any errors yesterday and it was the same thing at AS4R whereas he have had bad time with T9 at KY3 I think GTAL is one of the best league of LFS !

Think that next season can be surprising...
lol I hope but I don't know with what level, driver, car...
Why wouldn't they be allowed too? Of course they are, but I dout they will have there best drivers in GTAL next year because I think they used them in MoE this year.
Yeah, do they have enough who haven't done MoE/IGTC? :P

This season was quite fun, never did GTR or endurance racing before this. We'll be back next year to try and improve on 5th overall.

Thanks deko for talking us into joining. Wouldn't have considered it without ya, and we had loads of fun.
Quote from JPeace :Thats what I meant Ken, next season, their drivers will have raced MoE for a season already.

That's already the case for Vallée and me but at the moment Peron and Bankhauser are still allowed. Anyway I think that few more drivers are going to race in IGTC.
i'll be back!
thanks to ndr for this awesome league even if i started at round 5
Thanks NDR and all participating drivers! Its been great fun racing with you! Hopefully we´ll be back to do a full season next time!
Thx for the great season NDR! I had quite alot of fun (besides some dissapointments) while racing but also while making setups etc. You can expect us to return, but most likely not in FXR.
+1 to everybody. Big thanx and RSR will be back next season
Quote from racer hero :Why wouldn't they be allowed too? Of course they are, but I dout they will have there best drivers in GTAL next year because I think they used them in MoE this year.

I havnt driven MoE, and if it means i cant race 1-2 races in IGTC, i might not race IGTC for the fact i wanna race GTAl next year :P

Thanks to Deko and team!
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