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Initial D mod for LFS S2
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Initial D mod for LFS S2
..why did you just deface the game?
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Come on guys, each to his own taste. Nice job, tho I like default menus more(more friendly colors)
#4 - Jakg
excuse me if i sound like a retard, but what exactly is initial D?
#7 - Panda
funny stuff. lol. nice job i guess, i was into initial d hard core back in 03 when i was in [aS*] akina speedstars which was a S1 team comprised of initial d fans. ah that was fun.
It looks like what happens between races in LFS.
Nice backgrounds. Where's the mod?
Yay now the fanboys can drool when they are selecting tracks..x(
This is really nice, good work.
Nice Mod

Good Work !

Thx !
hi (YAY!,1st post!)

i used this mod in a drifting server (well,just ask cool_big_andy,i was twin-drifting with him ),it was very fun to play keisuke

oh,and dont flame him for making a mod based on initial D...if you dont like it,dont use it

nice work andy,looking forward for more initial D skins
yeah that was alot of fun^^ There were many characteres from initial d

btw @ XJ230
i found the overspeedchime mod^^
very nice job. i like it a lot!
Yes it´s nice but i can´t no Japano
hehe, this is actually pretty cool.
I hate rapidshare. i'd host it on my server but i cant d/l it. to many users or something

edit :kk, got it hosted now. no annoying rapidshare
woot! this looks cool i'll have to make my own to the toyota supra
If only you could mod the car's body shape...
But cool anyway!
lol, pretty lame if you ask me ive never really been a fun of anime, or any of that cartoon crap stuff so
pretty nice I would say..
well i think it is cute, but maybe because i'm a Initial D maniac.

I wouldent go as far as to call it a mod,
rather a theme but nice worj indeed.

Google is your friend, as to find pic's for ya' work ehh !!! =)

Initial D mod for LFS S2
(56 posts, started )