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LFS Hotlap League 2010
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LFS Hotlap League 2010

SR would like to thank everyone for their efforts in the SR Hotlap League 2009 and we hope you all enjoyed and learned as much from the league as we did.

This league has helped alot of us to get to a good level in every single LFS car, and we have really enjoyed the personal battles in each and every combo. We all know some of us are not going to be first, but it is great to see some of the very best drivers showing us how it is done, and having something to learn from. Also, this league progressed from battles in each car to, as the season has gone on, real tests of ability over a range of cars and driving styles.

We had over 380 different drivers try the Hotlap league in 2009, but in 2010 we would like to beat that and provide a great learning incentive to the community. Also, we hope to see alot more people from outside SR challenging for the top spots, and have renamed the league.

So we will bring back the league in 2010, but we would like to offer a bit of spice this time

In 2009, we gave away, courtesy of our friends at SCCC, a £40 Wireless Logitech Gamepad, next year, it will be alot more!

LFS Hotlap League 2010


This year we will be offering a share of a prize fund, split between the top 20 drivers who have donated at least £2. The more you donate to the prize fund, the more you stand a chance of winning a bigger amount, as the total prize fund will be split between the winners.

You do not have to donate to enter the league, but to win any money or the server packages (see below), then you do. You do not need to sign up, turn up at any given time or do anything at all except set some times on our [LFS] Hotlap League server. We will set a time limit on donations to be eligible to participate in the prize fund, but we will inform you before the league starts of this date.

500 Servers are also sponsoring this league and have generously offered free server packages. The top 3 will win a server package each, a lucky dip will decide the winner of another package, and we will run a vote for most improved driver for the remaining server package, so that is 5 free server packages donated by Franky500!

Also Alienserve have also now offered 3 full server packages and free teamspeak 3 servers for 3 months!


We will monitor the server 24/7 via remote and we will save all replays. Any times set that are questionable will be investigated and the driver banned from the league if setting a time that they do not report as being invalid. If you set an invalid lap, either beat the time or report it yourself. All drivers are expected to report any driver they see cheating.


The total prize fund will be displayed live on the Hotlap League page. Also, all donaters will have the amount they stand to win displayed next to their name in the league table. Click either of these links and it will take you to the donations page, which will show you exactly the amount each driver has donated. This will ensure total transparency for all parties.

Track Choice

For the track choice, we will run with the same classes as last season, then make a poll for the track selection based on the Main Hotlap Rank. So for example, the UF1, XFG, XRG combo will be a poll of AS Cadet, FE club and SO sprint 1, and so on. We hope this will create even more interest. For FBM and BF1 we will use the combo dictated in the rank, so WE1R and WE1.
We will update the OP with more details as we sort it out. Comments/questions are welcome. At this point we want to see if there are any major flaws in our plans, hence the early announcement.

We understand that a money/prize league always fails, but by giving all proceeds to the racers, and offering even more value with the great sponsorship from 500 servers, that finally LFS can have a competition that you know you are not going to be ripped off by.

I am personally willing to guarantee that it will be fair, and that SR, nor me, will make a single penny from this league.. Unless we are quicker than you of course
Nice im gonna take part fully in this one, as the last one i missed about 4/5 rounds. I never did too badly tho for a noobie like me.
Looking forward to this. Go go SR!
Nice jason, cu on track
I've been awaiting this announcement Will hopefully enter
Well remember Andy, out of 380 racers only 17 managed to do all combo's. So if that happened again, you would be guaranteed to win some Cash if you did them all. But even if say 40 did all the combo's and you were outside the top 20, you stand a VERY good chance of winning a server package. ATM we don't know how many server packages 500 servers will be donating, and also if anyone else will want to donate something before the league starts...

So it should be good
now that i'm getting back into lfs i hope that i can do a few combo's
Great idea, I hope I will take part of this
ill definately be givin this bad boy a gander...just humbly though..
I´m definetely looking forward to this!
whoop gonna take part in this
Time i showed azzak4 how to drive

Update from 500 servers -

The top 3 will win a server package each, a lucky dip will decide the winner of another package, and we will run a vote for most improved driver for the remaining server package, so that is 5 free server packages donated by 500 Servers!
Nice 1 Jason !!

Really enjoyed the last challange , and will be in fer this 1 too !!

Do we have a start date yet ?

Not yet, I want to get everything sorted out first, and the last one only just finished!!

The Donation system is being worked on now, then I will run a poll for the tracks, then we need layouts and cheat checks, webpages made, then the date will be announced. As soon as I have any news, I will post it here, but I hope I can show some alpha webpages soon and get the donations coming in. That way, there should be some money in the pot well before the league starts
Hey - just spotted this - nice one!
Been looking forward to it...
Looking forward to compete in this one again. !

Last year was amazing already.

P.s. Already send jon tanko an invite :icon23:
Quote from NickC :Looking forward to compete in this one again. !

Last year was amazing already.

P.s. Already send jon tanko an invite :icon23:

Am i the only one that thinks NickC needs a 5% induction restriction across the board ?

Joking ofc but dammit man sklow down
Is 0 the equivelent of i don't give a f*ck? If so

Cool, didn't notice this before. I'll try to participate every round also. But I can't promise, because it was exactly the same thing I thought in the first season, where I only participated in 3-4 rounds I think.

LFS Hotlap League 2010
(97 posts, started )