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Remove Penalties Across Screen
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#1 - tomc2
Remove Penalties Across Screen
An option to set that penalties don't cover your screen. I've never forgotten I have received one and it would be nice to view the track until I can clear the penalty or finish the race with it. Could even keep the small alert in the corner. Just a thought.
a +1 from me
#3 - STF
Yeah, maybe smaller in a corner but flashing in a strange colour frequently.
#4 - tomc2
Why flashing a color? It should alert the driver, but not be intrusive. The *blonk* it does when you receive the penalty is attention getting enough. With a small reminder in the corner is all that is needed. Flashing would get very annoying and may cause seizures.
#5 - STF
Haven`t thought about seizures, but it couldn`t get more intrusive than it currently is.
I think it should be as it is first 5 seconds, and then move to corner and become smaller.
In some ways, people who cheat/go too fast in penalty or jumpstart - should have whole screen filled with it, u know. But well, when ive played then yea, its quite annoyng.
#8 - pipa
#9 - tomc2
Quote from STF :Haven`t thought about seizures, but it couldn`t get more intrusive than it currently is.

Haha, was kidding about seizures, but it would be annoying as well.
Why not like real life ? Audio message or sign from the pit lane .
Quote from Ger Roady :Why not like real life ? Audio message or sign from the pit lane .

Very Good idea
Actually I think you can do something against that even now. I don't have LFS installed here, so use some common sense when following these instructions, as I'm only reciting them from memory
  1. Go to LFS\data\language
  2. Copy English.txt as EnglishNoPenalty.txt, open the latter with a text editor
  3. Edit the first line or so to set the display name also to EnglishNoPenalty (or whatever you fancy)
  4. Search for the various penalty texts (like "STOP AND GO")
  5. Replace the texts with something less annoying, like "|__________|" or "V__________V"
    The idea is to remove most of the central (view blocking) text and instead just use a symbolic representation of the penalty that will appear on the left and right side of your screen (depending on how many spaces you use).
    Be sure to not replace any parameter placeholders like "%s" or similar if they are contained in the text. You can move the placeholder around, though.
  6. Save
  7. Open LFS and set your user language to EnglishNoPenalty
Cool that works. For now I suppose it's a good work around. The only think I don't like is that the small upper corner notification goes away, but I've been playing this long enough in that I rarely get penalties and should know which ones I have received. Thanks again.
I just wanted to say what tomc said... If you get penalties... Drive slower, god dammit! I usually drive 60-70km/h on cruise servers, on race servers, I try to get as close as possible to 79km/h.
#15 - Dac
This is definitely something I approve of, sometimes you wan't to just go for it and take the penalty when you hit traffic.
this really narks me off.
what bugs me about the penalty text the most is that it covers the other text that goes in that spot, so you can't see your times while you decide when you want to take your penalty.

+1 for some sort of alteration
I think it would be better if it stayed up for a few seconds and then got placed somewhere eout of the way. It could be slotted in around the laptime clock or under the position/lap number text. I wouldn't even mind if it flashed to attract your attention or if it was in brightly-coloured text. But having it slapped across the screen in big letters all the time is just annoying.

And as far as driving slower goes, that's a pointless argument. Nobody MEANS to get a penalty, and thinking "I should've driven slower" after the fact is useless and doesn't help the issue of the message at all.

Remove Penalties Across Screen
(18 posts, started )