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ive struck a deal please help
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Quote from jakeeatworld :haha wide choice, I myself am in the dilemma of whether to go to college and study either 'motor vehicle maintenance level 3' or 'autosport course' or go to sixth form and study physics, ict, psychology and history, gives myself alot of options imo, because i know who i would like to be, and what i would like to be doing, but for that to happen well.....

Simple solution - will you go to Uni? If not, then do the practical college course. If yes, then "do a Tristan" and go to Uni and do some sort of Mechanical engineering course.
Quote from jakeeatworld :I'd like to be working on racing cars, mechanical or technical, but i doubt it will happen ;p

To be honest I doubt a college course goes into that much detail, all the colleges round here that do those sort of courses always seem to be "basic motor mechanics for high school dropouts so that maybe one day you'll get a job"
Quote from brt900 :hes a world champion i think that makes him an ok role model but he isnt my role model

A hairy world champion?
Quote from brt900 :hi,
ive struck a deal with my dad and he said he will take me to autosport show on saturday if i get him a list of all (or most) motorhome manufacters please help me

if we do the work for you, you're technically not the one doing all the leg work, right?
but he doesnt know well he does because i told him i made a thread about it but still

ive struck a deal please help
(54 posts, started )