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iCON Racing and New Dimension Racing have merged!
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iCON Racing and New Dimension Racing have merged!
Hi everyone,

We are pleased and excited to announce that ICON Racing and New Dimension Racing have merged. The combined team, which will operate under the New Dimension Racing banner, gives its members a much larger base from which to build both a strong racing division, whilst at the same time, the team now comprises several experienced league admins and broadcasters. It is felt that the new team will be more capable on both the racing and administrative front.

The racing division of New Dimension Racing now boasts several talented drivers who together will form the core of NDR's entries into leagues such as GT Amateur League, Desire of Patience Tour, and IGTC. With these drivers in place, NDR will set its sights on becoming a competitive force in the leagues it enters.

The creation of this new team means that the successful iTCC and RACCAR leagues will come under the umbrella of New Dimension Racing, joining other successful leagues such as GTAL, LFSCART, Mini-FBM, and Kyoto 250 and 500. The growth of the team in experienced admins will only serve to improve the racer's experience in the leagues organized by NDR.

With this merger, NDR are changing their online tag format, from the familiar blue, yellow and white [NDR] to an all-blue NDR, followed by a black full stop, then the racer's name in white.

The new members of New Dimension Racing are:

NDR.Joe - Joe_Keaveney - Joe Keaveney
NDR.Tom - snoring_snoopy - Tom Madl
NDR.David - Hypothraxer - David Novak
NDR.Tobba - Laser171107 - Tobias Osterhouse
NDR.Darren - Pantera70 - Darren Taylor

They will be joining the current members of NDR:

NDR.J@tko - J@tko - Jack Atkinson
NDR.JO53PHS - JO53PHS - Joseph Ellis
NDR.Falke - TFalke55 - Thilo Falkenberg
NDR.Timo - hyntty - Timo Hynninen
NDR.dekojester - dekojester - Jonathan Palmer
NDR.Timdpr - timdpr - Tim Russell
NDR.Wilko - Wilko868 - Chris Wilkinson

Skins - Also, the new merger brings a new skin format to NDR, but keeps the familiar style of the old ICON Racing skins.I'm afraid with it being Christmas I haven't had time to make a render of the new NDR skin but I'll give all you guys a look at it as soon as I can!

It only remains for me to say that we're very pleased to be forming this new team, I'm very proud of what we've all achieved so far and I look forward to working together with all the members of the team, whether it be racing together on the track, or creating new leagues for you guys in the LFS community.

Thilo Falkenberg has very kindly took time out over the Xmas period to work on a great little video which gives a taster of the events you can expect from NDR in 2010. Click here.


Joe Keaveney - New Dimension Racing
#2 - pik_d
Well good luck, but I have to ask... why? Also nice video.
I see one normal team spoilt.
#4 - Danas
but why not? I think its for the best of NDR
Well, there goes my iTCC debut.

Good luck guys!
Holy moly! Congrats!
Kinda unexpected. Grats!
Quote from racer hero :Well, there goes my iTCC debut.

so pissed off from us you even want to withdraw from iTCC ... poor Ken

EDIT: Joe you failed in your drivers details with the racer name (how familiar that sounds, although it is another joe )
Quote from TFalke55 :EDIT: Joe you failed in your drivers details with the racer name (how familiar that sounds, although it is another joe )

I see no fails in the racer name section - That is the new format

For those really curious, this idea was brought up kinda jokingly right around the day of the iTCC Test race, but then after we realized how beneficial for both teams it would be, we got into serious mode discussing it. The iCON guys are quite similar to our attitudes on racing in LFS...serious when need to be but still in it for fun.

They bring in a great bit of racing experience and capabilities, so expect to finally see NDR participating in more racing as a result of this merger.

You can also expect to see more events probably, or at least more quality for all our events.

Quote from dekojester :I see no fails in the racer name section - That is the new format

ehm new format is NDR. he has got [NDR] in his forum profile.

EDIT: Youtube version of the video, with other soundtrack just launched at youtube, as well as an Article about it in the German Forums.
Wow, fully unexpected.. Joe will only do NDR good Best of luck guys

Nice, two best organizing groups together, what can go wrong now?
Quote from Töki (HUN) :As I know the NDR guys, everything

Actually, we have worked well hard to reduce fails.

We have gotten it down so that 4/5 fails are now solely down to driver failure

The other 1/5 is either Insim Failure, Server Failure, or Ellis, or Murphy.

wow! I didnt expect that one!

Congrats to everyone involved!
Quote from TFalke55 :so pissed off from us you even want to withdraw from iTCC ... poor Ken

I think he means that hid NDR suspension will prevent him from entering.

Best of luck with the merge
ZOMG! Gratz!
Gratz,hope best for new born team - if i could say that
Gratz NDR
I was actually thinking about this earlier this week. Guess I had a sixth sense to see this coming hehe :P

Anyways, congrats and good luck. I'm sure this will only improve the teams involved
Congrats and good luck guys, world domination is yours, muhahahaha
congrats to all, goodluck in the future
gratz ! I think we are going to have nice leagues

iCON Racing and New Dimension Racing have merged!
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