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Quote from The Very End :You better do I'll come raving drunk as usuall and then blame everyone else for my own problems

Remember the rules about alcohol/drugs.
I know 'em.

If your drunk and drive like shit - you obviously has not drank enough, so drink more

I'll come with JD and everything will be awesome.

Edit : Don't worry, I'll behave
Replacement commentator seeked!!!!

For AARC Round 4 we are missing one commentator, who also use TvDirectorGuide. Do you know how to use it? PM me imedeatly!!

Thank you

Dont forget the race tonight. Same time/place as ever. Password will probably be Hello1 again, if we change i'll be online here waiting for someone to ask, i wont forget you. See you

I will be there on the next one Gellen sorry that I can't be there tonight gotta see someone in hospitial.
Quote from Gelin SWE :Dont forget the race tonight. Same time/place as ever. Password will probably be Hello1 again, if we change i'll be online here waiting for someone to ask, i wont forget you. See you


i will be there
Congratulation to the winner!

A final were a blast, with good driving. I'm happy to see some of the best drivers up there.

Forgive my language in the event, I did cross the line too much and I'll make sure to behave propperly next time.

However, there will need some changes to this cup, because today it were WAY too rough. There were good drivers that didn't read up because they simply got wrecked off the track. Yeah.. I use the word wrecked, because today it was beyound rough, it was at some situations ugly.

But but, the track is hard, and when the blood boils it's not easy to be cool-minded, but please people, let's not be as rought as this next time - eh?
Did I heard correctly, that I got DQ? For what?
PM Gelin, he got the details
Yea,LFS physX is bad in contact with other cars,but everyone must know that,mainly on this combo!

For example, the number 14 every his heat a few times hit someone.
After it looks like this,and that chat again during races,it was worse than last time.
Next time it wants to punish more,NO CHAT during heats and so on.Or the level of AA / rallycross goes down
But some heats was nice and clean

Gratz to winner.
Tony is right. But right now i dont know what to do. First of all, the Estonians. You are writing all the time, everybody are tired of your repetly chatts, off and in the races. And your arguing. You were not in Round 1 and Round 1 was perfect. So i think a Estonian-Free race would heal at least me. Results will be up later.

All credits to you for keeping it cool in all that bullshit that happend. We all feel with you and crosses our fingers for more respect next time
Hello racers. The season start has gotten by and we are already by Round 4. This round was another one with hard racing and a few black-flags. There were no fewer than 3 people getting black because of missed Joker-Lap. Galliani again showed what a good driver he is, and went into A Main with 3xheat wins. Championship contenders Berglund and Nilsson went into A with him, with Gelin making it to B. In the B-Final Gelin rolled after seeing nothing in the dust, on the final lap. In the A-Final Nilsson dominated, but after he's Joker-Lap he finnished 4th. Galliani couldnt get the best speed out either, and finnished 3rd. Win did Martin Seppam who came from the B-Final.


1.Martin Seppam (Runner-Up) 10P
2.Dennis Borgström 8P
3.Tony Galliani 6P
4.Emil "Nilsson" Gustafsson 3P
5.Jonathan Berglund 2P
6.Kevin Lepind 1P

1.Martin Seppam 1P
2.Robin Johansson 2P
3.Johan Klingstedt 1P
4.Tor Ole Lerbæk (Runner-Up)
5.Mikael Gelin (Retired)
6.Lims Chebbi (No Start)

1.Tor Ole Lerbæk 1P
2.Gabriel Tamm
3.Frans Harrén
4.Alexander Holmström (Runner-Up)
5.Joakim Blixt
6.Niklas Eriksson (Retired)

1.Alexander Holmström 1P
2.Amper (Need your full name)
3.Philip Lund (Black-Flag)

Standings after Round 4/12
1.Jonathan Berglund 26P
2.Emil Gustafsson 19P
3.Dennis Borgström 18P
4.Juha Hanhikorpi 11P
5.Mikael Gelin 11P
6.Martin Seppam 10P
7.David Rigglöv 9P
8.Tony Galliani 8P
9.Joakim Blixt 8P
10.Gabriel Tamm 7P
11.J.Klingstedt 6P
12.Niklas Eriksson 4P
13.Tommy Østgaard 4P
14.Reno Kööts 3P
15.Kevin Lepind 2P
16.Robin Johansson 2P
17.Isaac Price 2P
18.Johan Klingstedt 1P
19.Thomas Hårberg 1P
20.Tor Ole Lerbæk 1P
21.Alexander Holmström 1P
22.Daniel Findell 1P

Team-Standings after Round 4/12
1.Totalt Tvärslut Räjsing 48P (8)
2.GelinRacingTeam 38P (3)
3.WCL 7P (0)
4.Airattack 6P (0)

Next event: Sunday May 2nd (Demo)

Note: Next time i want a change. If there is still this acting from you, i will close this cup forever. This is the last chance.

Round 5, supposedly to be runned in Demo mode, will not be runned in Demo mode. The combo will stay the same (BL2 Xfg+Xrg) but we will run it in S2 mode, because of the limited seats in the server.
Changed time for tonight's race.

Changed time from 19:00 UTC to 18:30 UTC

Hope it was early enough.

Just watching today, and probally the best. The racing is horrible. I hope you people (not the admins or race leaders) are ashamed of yourselfe, this is not racing but a wreckfest.
Edit : someone please controll the cam, watching nothing atm.

Edit : Also, I know rallycross is a contact sport, but I canot remember it to be T1 sucide braking and a wreckfest. At least for the spectators it looked really, really bad.
TVE // The racing was alright today. Remember it's a contact sport. The A-Final was the most awesome one in a very long time! Result on it's way up.
Hello Racers. We have almost reached Mid-Point in the 2010 season. This time it was time for a Demo-Race wich was moved to S2 mode because of the seats. We tryed out a new type of race-system, wich was alot more interesting. After 2 quals the 12 best driver progressed to the both Semi-Finals. And all the Champ-Contenders made it through. In the 1st Semi both Nilsson and Berglund was on the line. But impressivly, Johansson won with Berglund in 2nd, and Blixt in 3rd. Theese progressing to A-Final, and the rest to B. In the 2nd Semi we had Gelin, Holmström and Klingstedt. Gelin and Eriksson got a good launch, but Gelin could win the Semi ahead of Kevin Lepind and Klingstedt in 3rd. In the B-Final Nilsson won and took 3 valuble points. In the A-Final Johansson got a great lauch, and got the lead. He was chased by Gelin for 4 laps, when Berglund came from nowhere and passed them both. Gelin could snatch 2nd and Lepind 3rd, with Johansson in 4th.


1.Jonathan Berglund 10P
2.Mikael Gelin 8P
3.Kevin Lepind 6P
4.Robin Johansson 5P
5.Klingstedt 4P
6.Joakim Blixt 3P (Retired)

1.Emil Gustafsson 2P (+1)
2.Lauris Matonis 1P
3.Niklas Eriksson (Retired)
4.Alexander Holmström (Retired)
5.Vince Verstreken (Did not start)
6.Gabriel Tamm (Did not start)

Championship standings after round 5/11
1.Jonathan Berglund 36P
2.Emil Gustafsson 22P
3.Mikael Gelin 19P
4.Dennis Borgström 18P
5.Johan Klingstedt 11P
6.Joakim Blixt 11P
7.Juha Hanhikorpi 11P
8.Martin Seppam 10P
9.David Rigglöv 9P
10.Tony Galliani 8P
11.Kevin Lepind 8P
12.Robin Johansson 7P
13.Gabriel Tamm 7P
14.Niklas Eriksson 4P
15.Tommy Østgaard 4P
16.Reno Kööts 3P
17.Isaac Price 2P
18.Lauris Matonis 1P
19.Tor Ole Lerbæk 1P
20.Alexander Holmström 1P
21.Daniel Findell 1P
22.Thomas Hårberg 1P

Team-Standings after Round 5/11
1.GelinRacingTeam 56P (18)
2.Totalt Tvärslut Räjsing 54P (6)
3.WCL 7P (0)
4.Airattack 6P (0)

Next Race: June 27th
Quote from The Very End :
Edit : someone please controll the cam, watching nothing atm.

Sorry for this, wasn't so much reactive today :|

Quote from Gelin SWE :
5.Vince (Need your full name) (Did not start)

Thank you for that Yann.
Thanks for that nice race.

I got finally one great hint, how to be faster in 1st sector, and it worked. .25-35 isn't any problem.

But, when I can see Broadcast's replay?
Doublepost, but I still couldn't get answer, when I can see broadcast's replay?
Quote from KLepind :Thanks for that nice race.

I got finally one great hint, how to be faster in 1st sector, and it worked. .25-35 isn't any problem.

But, when I can see Broadcast's replay?

Hi, good for you. Congrats to the podium position.

The replay will be upp soon. I have had Internet Connection problems and will deal with that tonight.
Quote from KLepind :Doublepost, but I still couldn't get answer, when I can see broadcast's replay?

The broadcast is now available here.
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Hello Racers! Some news comming up for the 5th event. Because of problems with the commentators (Exams) there will be NO commentators for the stream as it looks now. The stream will be on but no one will control it. If i find someone who can solve it i will let you know.