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xxth of December

Can you announce what will happen with the last saison race ?

xxth of December Blackwood GP

38 XXX

Is it canceled or is there a date I have no problem with both, only want to know.

Well, for sure it is not cancelled.
Well You can be sure there will be no vws this year so maybe just pick up some car for the race and announce it now - I don't know what good waiting would do.
Oh.. Didn't realise you were part of the dev team - you must be if making such announcements for sure

Anyway, seriously; the last even was left undefined on purpose and will stay that way until it will be defined.

...and bt the way, sometimes good things come only by waiting.
Yea i just lost hope for this year and anything new :P
Thx for info
ok, 12th race will take place, nice, but when?
info about the date is really appreciated.
I think it will neither take place at 13th nor at 27th.
So why don't you announce it for 20th?

And concerning the car, let's wait for the pre-christmas miracle for some days ;-)
hmm mayb

even who want suscribe for the race - no quali
then on sunday we join on the server and will get precise details abut the car

ok im just joking