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2 Strange bugs [FIXED in 0.6E14]
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2 Strange bugs [FIXED in 0.6E14]
Hi, yesterday I had a bug and today another different both never happen before and it didn't repeat again.

Yesterday, a guy say that it appears a message saying Napalm K&D already has a car. So I don't know why to he appears this message, I don't saw any message, after that we restart the race and my car run very wrong with very short gear relation, noising rims like a flat tires. I saved the replay. I saw on the replay like I had 50% fuel restriction and 105kg added mass. But I was using a normal setup, the same that I go out from pits after (in the same replay)

The second bug is doing a full screen in Win7 some times only I see a black screen (I'm using 3 screens with TH2GO 3840x1024), If I press shift+F9 it go to full screen I see the main menu and instantly it go to windows desktop again, if I click on the LFS icon on the task bar, again go to LFS and return to windows desktop.

Is strange because I restart LFS 2 times and no changes in the problem, only I can saw LFS in windowed mode (with shift+F4) so I the cam to record, first I put on english language and then I put the 3840x1024 and.. all run fine again. So the problem it is not the language because when I was writing this I test again and I had the same problem when push shift+F9. The only way to restore it with Shift+F4 and the put the rigth resolution.

That's the video
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Definitely heard of the first one before, I'll probably dig up some links in a while if needed.
Apologies for bump but this also happens to me too in the most recent LFS patch. Is there any solution?
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The setup bug is related to encryption. There was no check that the decryption was successful.

Now (since 0.6E14) the bug may still happen, but it will be detected and you will join the spectators with a light red message.

I would like to prevent the decryption bug happening but this will depend on better knowledge about how the bug comes up. The new message may help with that.

About the graphical bug with TH2GO, I am interested to know how it goes using the new Test Patch because it uses DX9 instead of DX8.
Quote from Scawen :
Now (since 0.6E14) the bug may still happen, but it will be detected and you will join the spectators with a light red message.

Is that spectating done on server side or localy?
Locally. Your own computer detects it and you will self-spectate.

The best option would be to avoid adding the car at all in that case but that would require an incompatible patch.

2 Strange bugs [FIXED in 0.6E14]
(7 posts, started )