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Ultimate Test of Ability?
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Ultimate Test of Ability?
here's a replay from a track i made that me and my friends really like to grip and drift on with pretty much all cars. it's a very intense track and lots of fun. here is a replay of first a drift lap and then a grip lap. definitely not my best laps but you can still see how the track is and how fun it is. and as you can see there's literally no room for errors at all and it's very fun. im posting this replay first to get some feedback on it to see if anyone would even be interested because my other layouts i posted got no feedback so it seems people weren't interested at all.

for those who don't know how to watch a replay you just download it and put it into your mpr folder. then go watch it. hope you guys like it..
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sotougerep.mpr - 103.1 KB - 765 views
If you hit shift+U while watching the replay, you get a save layout button.
So people can save the layout already from this replay, no need to post the actual layout anymore.

It looks quite ok, although I'd change a few parts. I have several layouts like this where me and a mate "test" BM style cars with stock setups against each other. Although none in the city, most are for Aston and tracks that have some more elevation, to make it more "touge"-ish.

What I'd change is the following:
- Don't use everywhere these buggy barriers, and allign them better
- Some parts are too narrow and slow
- Some parts are too long and fast

So I'd balance it a bit more, but that's just my taste and preference.

Also, don't expect many replies. Apparently people don't tend to give a lot of feedback on layouts. Made 2 threads myself with x hundred views, and got 2 replies in total.
#3 - Jakg
nice track, nice drifting, nice footwork!
ya this was my very first "touge" style track i made. i've made a few more realistic touges with lanes and less walls. you go up the track in one lane hit the hairpin then go back in the other lane. when people wanna battle everyone else spectates but the 2 drivers so they can use both lanes safely. it's a lot of fun. but i think i'm done putting my layouts up here. i feel like i'm being robbed lol.

if you wanna see the tracks i'm talking about i'd be more than happy to show you but i'm not gonna put it on here to download. i like finding more touge enthusiasts. my msn is
thanx for all the compliments.
I have tried to do as you say to get this file. I double clicked on sotougerep.mpr but it wouldn't happen.
A little window came up "Adobe reader".
"Adobe reader could not open sotougerep.mpr because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged. (For example it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded.)
So, despite your best efforts, sileightly, I still haven't been able to see your track.
dont open the your lfs folder go to data -> mpr...then place the replay in their. Then go to replays IN GAME
Sil80, more touge tracks! we need touge! ^_^ I was making a replica of Irohazaka. On Initial D i corner at 89+ kmh on a Evo VII, now i barely do 20kmh for the RB4 lol. The difference in physics is huuuuuuge lool
well you gotta remember its initial d dragonball z super saiyen drifting lol. and ive made lots of touge tracks this is just the only one ive put on here because no one ever gives feedback on the layouts. they just take them and leave and dont seem to appreciative of them so i stopped giving them out. if you want to see more then add me on msn -
i've saved a few of your layouts on my pc . some of them were missing a finnishline.
pretty much all of my tracks are missing a finish line because i dont race. =p i make layouts just to drift and when you add a finish line with checkpoints and everything then people start racing. i just wanna drift. you can go ahead and add them if you want to but thats why i dont.
I like it! Very challenging, and it gives you tunnel vision after a while because of the super tight space! Great practice for eluding cops down alleys, which I'm sort of rusty on. Haha

And even though it's really tight, you can pretty much use any car on it with the right setup. 110+ mph in the F08 down the corridors can get a little crazy, let me tell ya.
really enjoy your server and layouts keep, infact i'm goin to look for your server right now....

but its not up.

i enjoyed that ally feeling as well when driving between two very tight points.
oh ya its fun to grip and drift. its not really a realistic touge like mountains and such but i just took the idea of no room for error and ran with it. i think it still gives you the feeling that a touge gives because you know if you messup your gonna get messed up bad. its exciting just like flying down mountain roads and since we cant actually make mountains in LFS this is the best we can do. =/

ive made some more realistic touges with lanes and such which people seem to like too. they are 2 lane roads with hairpins so you go down the track in one lane, hit the hairpin, and then go back through the track in the other lane. its pretty fun when your drifting through a turn in one lane with someone is drifting at you in the other lane. if people wanna battle then we just have everyone but those 2 people spectate so they can use both lanes freely kinda like initial d style. its fun. maybe ill put one of those type of layouts up if people want?
oh ya and about my server... i havent really had it up much lately because im kinda losing interest in LFS lately. ill leave it up more now for you guys but when im not home i cant change tracks or anything so youll have to play the same track for hours and hours lol. =/ i suggested a track rotation feature and people seemed to like the idea so we'll see what happens i guess.

- for those who dont know my server it is Just DRIFT. look for it andcome play sometime.
interesting layout you have there and nice driving
thanx stan you should try it its really fun once you learn the track.

Ultimate Test of Ability?
(17 posts, started )