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Takumi, Gran Turismo 5 will be released only in 2010, march.
Quote from PioneerLv :Takumi, Gran Turismo 5 will be released only in 2010, march.

But will be worth the wait.
That's true.
I was just trying drifting and it's a little boring. It's too easy. The car gives you so much time to react it's criminal. In real life you gotta be correcting before the thing even starts to make tire noise. In this, you can just let it go and go and go for over a second before you react and it still comes right into line.

Maybe I'm doin it rong but it feels really relaxed and easy.

Maybe Forza is a good simulator, but something about it just doesn't click with me. When I play LFS, rFactor, IRacing and even Shift to some extent, I constantly have little snatches of flashbacks to my real life driving when something happens, like a slide or a missed apex or something, and I can draw upon that real life experience to help fix it. In Forza, I don't get that. As a result Forza is "just a game" and doesn't really engage me on that level - I think of Forza in Forza terms and not in real life terms.
Quote from kamkorPL :More impressions from me.

Forza 3 is really growing on me, I really, I mean really do enjoy it a lot.

The GFX in my opinion look exactly as on gameplay videos we've seen. Photomode will probably up the gfx with some higher level of detail.

Some crap pictures with phone (motion blur in replay cameras is not completly enabled when game is paused, so mostly no motion blur on pics). Colors ofcourse got changed due to the fact that camera is crap. But it still looks sweet to me.

Wholey agree fella

I just played GT5p and FM3 demo back to back, racing physics in FM3, are far, far better than GT5p, I've always said that GT5p does something odd with the physics, it feels like each car has a seperate physics layer over the base physics to "cheat" the feel, and as such, the cars feel quite odd, especially FWD.

FM3's physics are quite different to any console physics, I am not convinced the oversteer physics are 100% right, because it does seem quite easy to hold lurid slides, however, considering the selection of cars, I am holding judgement untill the full game, but the tyres grip very well, and understeer, particularly in the Mini is handled very, very well, there is none of the grip,grip,grip ICE feeling you get in GT5p.

Graphically, lets get it said, the PS3 is the more powerfull console, period, and no matter what happens, GT5 will always look better, however, thats not to say FM3 looks bad, still shots look very different from in motion, I am pretty sure theres some frame smoothing going on between each frame, which is why static shots look worse than in motion, its a BIG leap from FM2, and considering the content invovled in FM3, perfectly acceptable.

As for the FM3 vs GT5 "war", its bordering on pathetic TBH, to me, they are both very different games, FM3 has much, MUCH better car customization and community intergration, it blows GT5 (current feature list of the release version) out of the water on this respect, and the physics are better than GT5p.

GT5 will own in terms of graphics, and in terms of the amount of cars on track, but they CAN co-exist as I believe they re very different.

I am sure I will put hundreds of hours into both, and I am REALLY happy that I will have a great racing sim to play in 2009, and hopefully another in 2010.
Had a second go on the demo today, hotlap mode is much more fun than racing the AI. I think it's pretty good, the car behaviour is good in my opinion, even if the steering is thumbstick friendly as per usual. It's easier to put the correct amount of opposite lock on than in other games, but that's a good thing imo. I think I'll grab it when it comes out, but whether it will consume much of my time I'm not sure.
At the IAA in Frankfurt I had a quick go at Forza 3 with the R8 at some fantasy track and the horrible MS wheel. I also got to have a quick run at GT5p with the latest M3 at Fuji with a rather old Logitech DFP.
Before that day I was expecting to buy Forza 3. I even had the console in my shopping basket at an online reseller. This experience however really tilted my opinion. Forza 3 felt, in physics, gameplay and graphics, closer to NFS:Shift than to a simulation. That's nice arcade-fun, but not what I'm looking for.
Considering how few time I invested into setting the games up I won't spell my ultimate judgement just yet, but right now I'm definitely in favour of the PS3.


P.S.: Dammit! Now I have to wait until GT5 Forever is released before I can start racing...
Quote from danowat :I just played GT5p and FM3 demo back to back, racing physics in FM3, are far, far better than GT5p

I don't think that's a fair comparison, GT5p is basically GT4 with better graphics.
Quote from danowat :Proof/link?

Well as I understand it they were going to revamp the physics engine for GT5 and GT5p was just to keep the idiots (fans) happy for a while. I don't really follow Gran Turismo much because I think it sucks balls, but I remember reading about it somewhere.
Not really. GT HD was basically GT4 with nicer graphics. GT5P physics don't have much to do with GT4 physics however. We may aswell see the physics "polished" a bit again in GT5, but GT5P is more or less what we'll see in GT5, physics wise.
Quote from jibber :but GT5P is more or less what we'll see in GT5, physics wise.

That "new physics", "vehicle rollover" (finally!) and damage for all cars are encouraging, in the GT5 official statement..
about 100 cars with damage. All cars in forza 3 will have damage and roll over.
Quote from Luke.S :about 100 cars with damage. All cars in forza 3 will have damage and roll over.

All cars will have damage (mechanical), but racing cars will have full damage, meaning parts falling off, crumblings and posibly interior damage too.. All i cared about is a good mechanical damage and rollover, this cosmetic stuff is just a bonus..
Bloody hell Sinbad, you are quick!!!!, top 500 on the Ferrari, I tried to catch you this morning, but I am a good 0.5 sec off!!
Fixed my RROD yesterday so Forza3 now ordered!!!

Lovin the demo for a quick blast, now if only I could hook up my G25.........
How do you guys do it? I can't keep up with anyone, ever. What am I doing wrong? Am I just too old?
It's easy, you have to drive faster...
Pedal on the right.
Quote from Dajmin :How do you guys do it? I can't keep up with anyone, ever. What am I doing wrong? Am I just too old?

Smoothness is the key

I am fairly competative, but sinbad is on a different level!!!!
Quote from danowat :Smoothness is the key

I am fairly competative, but sinbad is on a different level!!!!

I don't think I can get near the really fast times. It's a challenge to put a half decent lap together round there though, I'm not precise enough with the controls, I find it hard to set up for the corner and then turn in at the right time. Especially for the penultimate left-hander before you climb back up the hill.
It would be nice of you could change the setup, I'd get the turn-in on the Ferrari a bit more sweeter, its a little tough to point at the apex with the setup in the demo.
I'd much rather have fun than be a record-breaker (so no matter how hard it gets, I'll always use cockpit view), but it would be nice not to spend every race getting lapped

I have to admit though, I still tend to default to digital controls sometimes. I'm very much either on or off. I'm old school, leave me alone
Mate, I am old school too (not sure if you're more old school than me, I am a 1974 vintage), but yeah, fun is the key.

I am using cockpit view, and no assists, but auto clutch, I tried manual, but you need to be an octopus!
I'm oldschool aswell.

I would stay away from digital controls however. They are not going to help.

The key is to have fun and enjoy the cars and track in the demo. Eventually you will get to know the track more and more, and after some time, you'll know exactly where to turn in, where to brake, etc.

It's pretty much like in any other driving game/sim. Explore the limits of the cars and get to know the track and corners. After driving round the track for 100 times, you'll sure accomplish better times than in your first lap. It's all about practice.

I also found that the sensitivity setting in the console/user profile changes the feeling of the game a lot. I had it on medium, and recently put it to high... feels A LOT better now!

I use auto clutch and ABS at the moment. I've tried manual clutch, and actually like it quite much... gives you that extra control. I'd prefer to have it on another button tho, since i don't like braking with my middle finger. Plus, i'm lazy, so if it's not for messing around, i tend to use auto clutch. I'll probably use manual clutch in the final release of the game.
ABS is much more important for me. I never had trouble in LFS without, but i simply can't be precise when braking with a joypad... i don't know how you guys do it! Whenever i turn it off, i end up braking too hard and locking up the wheels... so it stays on.

PS: Cockpit view here, no exceptions!

Forza Motorsports 3
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