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Clutch, Handbrake, H -Shifter DIY w/ Joysticks
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Clutch, Handbrake, H -Shifter DIY w/ Joysticks
I made a similar topic back in January or so about making a clutch pedal using the material I had. I thought it would be easier to just start a new thread to start up new again.

So what I have is:

1x Attack 3 Joystick (Dismantled)
1x Generic Joystick (joypad)
1x Generic Gamepad (no analog, just plain buttons - joypad)
1x V3 Interact wheel (on joypad port)
1x Driving Force GT

Limited building material (machines), limited experience (first time basically), no electronic knowledge, and limited computer knowledge (-built one pc 1 half years ago).

I've been constantly thinking about building a handbrake; I used my current joystick (with half travel) as my joystick (ie. from centre to all the way up). But I wasn't able to re - make the enable calibrated axis on the joystick.

Yesterday, I removed the casing of my Attack 3 joystick, and studied it (where each 'potentio-meter?' (what are they callled) is connected to a central PCB which mantles the connection to USB, which therefore goes to the computer). There are 2 designs I have thought of for my handbrake.

I'll give pictures of my designs (sucky, but ought to do).
i. Using the original joystick internals. I'm thinking of keeping the buttons so that I don't need to use my wheel buttons when it'd be more convenient to push certain buttons on the handbrake.

I'm going to put everything on a new casing, remove the central spring, and use a rubber band to give it resistance. In such a case, the everything would be put on a 45 degree angle to give it the normal handbrake slant (10-20 deg). I'm also thinking of using 2 sticks on the 'joystick holder' to restrict the joystick to only y- axis movements.

- Here I'm thinking of using a broom or an actual metal rod, or even a real handbrake lever as my ebrake handle.

ii. Here, I'm going to use the 'potentiometer' (the things that measure x- y- z- axis on the joystick (x is throt.). I'm going to use one of those measuring instruments, stick it on a vertical rod. From there, I might get a spring (maybe I might use one from a mousetrap that I have remaining from my mousetrap car project at school), and connect that end to my handbrake handle (lever, rod, whatever). The measuring instrument will be connected to the central PCB which in turn will have connections to the button PCBs (6 buttons in total).

Casing, I don't know what to use. All I have is wood right now. I don't know I can get. I might get my father to help me out here. I'm wanting to use some type of metal, and a shitload of spray paint *.*!!!!

H- Shifter (x1 design)
i. Use ff-shifter (ffjoy.). Remove external casing, remove original joystick handle, install on new improved casing.

ii. Joystick (Attack 3) Make a 6 gear metal plate. (Someone gimme some tips on how to make it?) . Make a cube casing. Use the joystick holder w/ joystick. (Attack 3). Remove central spring. At each corner of the shifter (top left -r, mid top/bot, bot lef. right) put magnets. Cover the contact points of the handle (which touches these corners) which shitload of aluminum foil. Redesign the button connections. BUttons may be found here instead if necessary. Buy a metal rod, or buy a gear shift knob. Might buy a gear shift boot also!


i. I might find a way to convert my V3 to USB. The pedal connections look like an s- video plug. SOme advice here? (seems like everything that involves axis need 3 so -called wires) (6 prongs?, and one central slit prong - and 2 pedals)
I'll take pictures of this.

ii. Use the axis measuring instrument thingies, and connect it to the pedals base (where the pedal is connected to the bottom casing). I saw something like this somewhere which inspired me. I'll show where I got them here.

Sorry, this is a lot to read. Hopefully someone can help me out. Simple though =D. I haven't any knowledge in a lot of it.!!!

Sounds good, good luck to your project!

btw, aluminum is not magnetic, so it will not stick to a magnet
Ok. Ummm, can you recommend something that I can use that is magnetic? I've got like stupid summatives to do. I'll upload designs hopefully by Thursday/Friday!

Make the shifter stick out of iron or steel, I dunno. Personally I would go for the force feedback joystick way of doing the shifter.

Googling "h-shifter diy" produces quite a lot of different approaches to your problem.

I currently have a saitek r220 as my main wheel, by early november I'll have a DFGT, using the Saitek's one working pedal as a clutch. Joystick h-shifter with engine throttle with a steel handbrake. Melted into it. Full re-painted joystick parts...I've got the front plate covered in tipex covered white on one plate, I've sharpie'd that and added some graffiti.
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Clutch, Handbrake, H -Shifter DIY w/ Joysticks
(6 posts, started )