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LFS UK Kart Meet Date poll
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Poll : What date can you make?

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July 25th 2009
August 29th 2009
August 15th 2009
August 22nd 2009
LFS UK Kart Meet Date poll
Info thread

Please only vote if you are going to this.

Vote for the date you can make it.
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Oh FFFFFFFFFFF I forgot it was a multi-choice poll. Ah well, that date I voted for is probably the best anyway.
God i'm thick, did the same as you
#4 - Gil07
Hope you don't mind me voting, despite being veeeeeeeeeeeeeery doubtful. There's a very small chance I might be in the UK anyway for the last date, so voted for that.
I voted for the later one so it gives me more chance to save up for this one
#6 - Dru
are you aware that the one on the 29th of August is a bank holiday weekend?
I wasn't, but does that matter?
#8 - Dru
Quote from jasonmatthews :I wasn't, but does that matter?

only if people are travelling about (ie friday or sat to get down there - if it's sunny then road network can be a nightmare
Ok guys, looks like July 25th will be the date. I have spoken to the karting centre and I will need to put a deposit down asap. I just need to get final confirmation now. So please could you reply to the other post confirming your attendance. I will then pm you with the payment details. Deposit will be £10.

LFS UK Kart Meet Date poll
(9 posts, started )