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2009 Easter Event : Race
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2009 Easter Event : Race
You have until 18:10 UTC to qualify. At that point, we will close the track, ensure that the standings on the Concept Webpage are up-to-date, and then at about 18:15 or so UTC, we will start setting the grid.

We will call you by team name as it is in the team tag for the driver who set the fastest laptime.

Race will start by way of a standing start.

There is a layout already on the track, this is what we'll be using for today's race.

In the event of a server issue, a restart (if any) will occur with the race order at the time of the rollback lap (last completed lap before server problems started. A restart will be time remaining from the roll-back point +1 lap. The second part will be the official result.

The server and password will be the same as for Qualification. Those who have not qualified in the top 32 will be kicked. If you do not qualify in the top 32, please DO NOT join the server, unless requested to do so. It causes us unneccessary work, and compromises the experience of other competitiors.

There is to be no chat in-server during the race. Admins will be available in the Fragmaster Ventrilo NDR channel ( Port 3922). We will also be available in the NDR IRC channel at - channel is #ndr. Teams are encouraged to have a representative in there.

Please post any questions, or race comments in this thread.

Damn, sry.
I had a terrible race. I timed out as the lights went to red, crashed after 4 laps, made a stop and carried on. Then, I lost concentration and crashed while driving in a straight line.

Here's a replay of the first hour if anyone should be interested in having a look at the start or something.
SRY jackson... but I fail more then ever a NDR guy did during a race
Quote from TFalke55 :SRY jackson... but I fail more then ever a NDR guy did during a race

No, you obviously didn't
Quote from JO53PHS :No, you obviously didn't

4 rolls, 3 pitstops, one spec-rejoin AND wrong setup throughout the race (SO3 instead of FE4)
Quote from TFalke55 :4 rolls, 3 pitstops, one spec-rejoin AND wrong setup throughout the race (SO3 instead of FE4)

at least you didn't roll it on the last lap like it did.
At least you guys had some fun in the race.

I got disco'ed in second lap and then it was boooooring HL session until last half hour, when i overtook bunder and scania, then i wrecked my car in Green chicane and had to pit, so i finished 14th on track 2 laps behind.

Anyway, after all it was good race, thanks to everyone who raced and also to NDR for organisation.
I had some very nice battles at the beginning. For some reason my team mate didn't turn up so I had to finish it up (I think Tobi owes me a beer!).
Presenting the iSuck at driving.

My reason for retiring from the race.
LOL! Wow Michael... Let's just say your driving is... special... slightly different..

Nice catch FLR or FLP didnt look close 'nuff and your damn lucky iCON! :P
#16 - VoiD
Started on 11th position, T1 worked quite well for me. Was forced to get wide but returned to sender after chikane...

The first hour went well and way better than expected.
After my pitstop (lap 18) I found myself racing on 6th place (surprise, at least for me).

After the stop (on my outlap) I managed it somehow to crash in that fast chikane. I sneaked off to pits and repaired the damage. Accidently I refilled again, so I was on 56% fuel when I left the pits (way too heavy for my set and not really competive and)... Lost four places because of my second pitstop...

40 minutes later (on lap 30) I did it again:
This time I had to change the front tyres aswell, melted them on my way back to pits (fuel was still plenty enough)

Never touched the reset-button and finished 11th place... I´m satisfied!
I got a drive through because I press F7 while I want to press F9.....
Well.. I didn't have time to practice, didn't have time to qualify, didn't have time to make (or download) a setup and almost didn't get to the race (got to the server 8 minutes before qualifying week was over ). I quickly edited RACE_S setup after the qual and couldn't test it before the race. I started on the last position, and on the first lap I braked too hard and my tyres completely locked, which caused my engine to die and then it seems as I've mistakenly engaged reverse, all at the same time. But I managed not to crash or slow down anyone else while I was at it and I kept my car under control.

Regardless, race was great, I really enjoyed it a lot, it was a very interesting and fun challenge

I'm looking forward to the next endurance.

(By the way, I also noticed I was the only person on the whole server to play with keyboard + mouse)
I still can't belive I timed-out during lap 1... Without that I think I would have finish at least 7th, probably even better. I had a nice pace during the race, only one real mistake, which obliged me to do a nice 360°, and cost me only 7-8 seconds.

Oh, an wonderful organisation as usual. Too bad that there wasn't a live stream, this was the only thing that was missed.

I'm now looking for another 2 hour race.

Quote from Velociround :
(By the way, I also noticed I was the only person on the whole server to play with keyboard + mouse)

False. You forgot me.
Quote from felplacerad :Thank GOD for iCON racing! (xvid, ~4MiB)

I think we should get bonus points for that!

P.S.: Are hybrid-tires on the front wheels so much better than normal tires on FE4? I realize I was the only one of the top five using normal on front. Oh the possibilities! :spin:
#21 - CSF
I crashed while playing ispy.
Quote from CSF :I crashed while playing ispy.

Sonicrealms will never get anywhere in the world of 'I Spy'. You didn't even know what 'gravel' was!
#24 - CSF
Quote from Mp3 Astra :Sonicrealms will never get anywhere in the world of 'I Spy'. You didn't even know what 'gravel' was!

That was bloody sand, not gravel. We were in Jamaica!
#25 - Dru
Got to say thanks to NDR for organising a great event.

UF1 on FE4 for 2 hours on paper sounds like a weird and potentially boring race but our race was anything but.....very exciting in the end.

Adam and I did a good job in qualifying and ultimately Adam got us a P5 starting posititon.

Not knowing the tactics of others we fueled for 2/3 race distance.

First lap and at the bottom hairpin managed to go up the inside of Troy and Core2. Unfortunately tapped the Core2 driver out of position so blended off the throttle on the straight and gave the position back.

We were up to 4th.

Lap 2 and Core2 driver flipped at the fast chicance - unbelieveablly he landed on all 4 wheels so carried out but with broken damper we moved up to 3rd.

Next 10 laps was caught by Fluid team and Troy in the other Concept Entry.

These guys ultimatley had better race pace and both passed leaving us in 5th with Void behind in 6th.

Coming up to the pit stops and we got passed by Void, however we both pitted and the same time. As I swapped to Adam we came out in 8th place.

Adam did a great stint - not a foot wrong. With others pitting and with Void and the Fluid entry having 'chincane problems' we got up to 4th.

SK was in the distance, Troy a solid 2nd but Core was in 3rd with Adam closing him down.

There then followed a great fight between Adam, Nola and the ICON entry, running within a second of each other for many laps.

Adam came out on top of that battle and gave us the final step on the podium.

With Troy in second place, Concept Racing had 2 cars on the podium. We had a great result and enjoyed this format so much.

We can not wait until the next one - whatever that 'weird; combination might be

2009 Easter Event : Race
(33 posts, started )