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Drift School
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Drift School
haven't tried it yet...but it looks like a cool playground
Yea looks cool, i'll d/l it later.
The Layout dowload is smaller than the screenshots.
can someone repost this as a forum attachment so the file doesn't expire?
the screenshots arnt working
what is the server called with this on it???
Nice layout imthebestracerthereis
lol, dont credit me
Quote from imthebestracerthereis :lol, dont credit me

Not to sound like a noob, but what folder does this get put in? I figured it went in the "Layout" folder but they dont show up in game. Any help?

EDIT: I know im not S2 lisenced, but any tips so that when i got S2 for my bday in may i know how to install?
as soon as you buy s2 you can find them in the layouts folder
lol.. great layout just tried it out.

Drift School
(15 posts, started )