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#1 - Dru
Increase in option of 'timed' races
As we all know (well maybe) - timed races are only possible in full hours.

Last night we wanted to run a 90 minute race and had to 'roughly' calculate it back to approx laps.

Any reason why a race length to the exact minute is not possible? or even just incremental say 15,30,45.60.75,90 min etc?


Maybe do it in multiples of fifteen up to one hour and have half options up to five?

Would probably break insim compatibility for timed races at least though.
I think the 15 incriments should go furthat than one hour - ALMS usually does a 2 hour 45 minute race at Mosport, IIRC. 15 minute incriments should go up to at least 3 hours.

Alternatively, have a single click as a half hour, right click as an hour and middle click as 15 minutes? That way you don't have to cycle through 30 clicks to get a 2 hour long race. Streamlines the whole process.
Or alternatively, be able to right click the centre part and manually type in the length (basically the same as you can in most setup slider bars).
or type "/mins 15" like how we do hours ala command

Seconded by the way, good call Dru