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Physics engine rates of racing sims
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Assetto Corsica sounds better though Thumbs up
Seriously, quite interesting list, nothing to add at this point...
Quote from Neilser :I guess maybe it's too late to start now but having the reference links in the OP would be cool.

I thought about that back in 2009 but by that point every google search for "racing sim physics rates" simply brought up this thread or people talking about it. I suppose I could at least make the ones I found today links, and I can search this forum for some others. Will do that later.

Quote from Neilser :(NB: in case it wasn't a pun that sailed over my head, it's Assetto Corsa &, not Corsica Thumbs up)

Oops, fixed!
What about DiRT Rally and DiRT Rally 2.0? I've no clue where you would get the info about it though...
I've just been using Google but no success with Dirty Rally or RBR. Depends if a developer has ever posted the information somewhere. The information often either seems to be promoted or kept secret.
would steam have this information perhaps? if they do it would sort of also make your search pretty easy? or maybe other gaming platforms provides this info ? idk just thought it might be an idea to explore maybe.

Physics engine rates of racing sims
(55 posts, started )