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Oval Hairpin Track
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Oval Hairpin Track
hi i did an oval hairpin layout.

supposed for normal racing, problems with FO8 on 2nd hairpin though...

pit in is possible.

start => turn 1 on top half of track => straight => 180° hairpin => straight => oval turn 1 low half of track => 180° hairpin => finish

laptimes with UF1000 about 1.15 sec.

any suggestions for improvements?
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So basically its just 2 180deg. corners?
and the 1st corner on Kyoto Oval. so a bit more than that...
Quote from CMoney86 :So basically its just 2 180deg. corners?

Thats an oval for you.

Looks fun for some uf racing, seems kinda narrow though. Maybe a good banger track since the outside walls wont send you flying.
looks cool
Awsome layout...could be wider though...
How did a demo racer test it out? *cough CRAKCER cough*
looks like an FPS shatterer if you ask me with all those tires and crap not needed

^^ biker.. what the hell? buy S2 cracka
Wouldn't be bad for 10 or more uf1's battling it out.
Noooooo. I'm looking at the shots he posted.
We had FXR's racing on it with quite a lot of over-taking, so it's plenty wide enough when racing!
wow, a 10mo bump

Oval Hairpin Track
(12 posts, started )