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Split times
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#1 - Bean0
Split times
I searched but didn't find anyone already asking about this.

The split times that show the time gap to the cars ahead/behind you in a race...

Would it be possible to have them coloured depending on whether you have gained or lost over the last sector. (eg green for lesser gap, red for greater gap)

I think that it would make it easier to tell if you are catching up or being caught yourself if you could glance and see green or red figures instead of having to remember the gap from before.
Yes it's a good idea, maybe you should have posted this in the 'Improvment Suggestions' forum.
#3 - Bean0
Quote from nikimere :Yes it's a good idea, maybe you should have posted this in the 'Improvment Suggestions' forum.

I thought I did...cheers whoever moved it
#5 - Zimmi
great Idea, and would it be possible to change the size of this display in the lower right corner???

When I'm driving I can't read the timegaps cause they are to small !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A simple change-possibility like for the messages would solve the problem !
seems like a nice simple idea. Like it.
I'd like to see the difference to the next car at the middle of the screen.
+1 for colouring the display, and +1 for the not yet suggested idea in this thread of not clearing that information - because it's never there when i'm on a straight !
#9 - joen
+1 definitely
now that the lap times in latest test patches are color-coded, maybe the same thing can be done to gap times

and how about coloring the split times (on the upper right corner of the screen) according to your last lap split times too?
#11 - col
+1 to both the coloring idea and to Becky's permanence idea.
good idea

also a possibility to have them in bigger letters somewhere below the clock not in the drivers list. where they are pretty small with 32 cars.
#15 - Nobo
+1 would be great to see the gaps a bit clearer somewhere so i can see it in the corners.
Oh yes, +1!

LFS now uses 2 colours, light yellow for cars ahead and light purple for cars behind. But the position in the list is also a visual cue, so I think this colouring can be dropped.

Maybe a 3-colour scheme would be even better than the red/green in the OP. For example:
red = car is gaining time (sector time more than 2% faster than you)
green = car is losing time (sector time more than 2% slower than you)
white = car is equally fast (sector time between -2% and +2% compared to yours)

(The 2% is just guesswork. You can take any sensible percentage.)

I've often thought about something like that applied to hotlapping- where after your first initial lap the split times are colour coded to help show visually whether you're times are improving or not. Maybe the colouring could be more intense depending on how well ahead, or how far behind, you are- relative to the best recorded times for that session or pb (user preference).

1.45.32 very red- you're way off
1.42.55 light pinkish reds fading to white- just under the best time for current session or pb
1.40.65 white- exactly best time
1.40.55 light greens- slightly ahead
1.38.25 very green- great split


Split times
(18 posts, started )