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UBCSCC Slush Series #4 Autocross
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UBCSCC Slush Series #4 Autocross
This is (my approximation of) the course we ran on 8th Jan 06, as a part of the 'Slush Series' winter autocross series for the UBC Sports Car Club in Vancouver.

I think the distances are reasonably accurate, and I'm happy that I got the feel of the course down well.

Course map and replay are included.

Have fun and let me know your times! I'll post some times too soon.
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AU1_ubcscc_8jan06.lyt - 900 B - 1354 views
Michael Denham_AU1_XRG_ubcscc.spr - 19.3 KB - 499 views
Oh boy, I just love those courses that switchback and use the previous sections

I'll have to give this a try sometime soon :up:
I enjoy this course alot, thanks Michael ! I've completed it in 1:02:47 in a XRT but the run is far from perfect. I'll soon beat it.

Replay attached,
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Ingolf_AU1_XRT.spr - 40.4 KB - 229 views
Glad you like it :up: I've spent some time in the XRT and UF1000 (far too much time actually!) and got some times. I used the Race_1 setups in both cars, just putting the steering lock up to maximum. I tried my own setups, a bit softer, but as soon as I switched over to Race_1, I was much, much faster. I'll edit this as I try other cars.

XRT 57.98
UF1000 59.84
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Michael Denham_AU1_XRT_5798.spr - 20.7 KB - 205 views
Michael Denham_AU1_UF1_5984.spr - 25.4 KB - 167 views
I love these real autocross layouts, thanks again.
Nice layout my friend! I've been having fun tossing the MRT around and managed to get a 49.84 with it.
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TaiFong_AU1_MRT_FINISHED_2.spr - 23.6 KB - 202 views
(b-dog) DELETED by b-dog
Hey Michael, I read about that slush series in "Inside Track" (Canadian Grassroots magazine)

But it doesn't really coun't without the slush eh? (Maybe sometimes a little rain)

In saskatchewan here, we've gotten acouple "Ice Dice' Solo2 events on a lake. Lots of fun..

(And there is a group of us, that are running lfs Autox the proper way, like yourself, keep an eye for the servers)

(Timmed solo2, 1car at a time, ect.)

One call SCCA / WCMA Autocross, Then bdog's, and
#8 - b-dog
Great course Michael!

Pop by one of the servers iMpulse mentioned when you have nothing better to do. :eclipsee_

If you want, I can even put your course up on the server for a few weeks.


Wow, just looking back at my old autox courses and I didn't see these two posts before! I think by the time they were posted, the thread was off my radar. So I'm bringing this one back to say hi...

Drifter... that's really neat! Are you still autocrossing? And doing the frozen autox in the winter?

and b-dog, shame I didn't see your post, it would have been cool to run the course online! Haha maybe another time.

So an update from me... The event in Jan 2006 was one of my first autocrosses ever. It could have been my first. In 2006 I went on to do the Novice Championship, which I won. I got a free set of race tires for that which was sweet. Then in 2007 I won the CSP class in Canadian Nationals. Since then I've just done the occasional event, but done quite a bit of instructing novices which has been a lot of fun. I've had the chance to drive a lot of fun cars and meet a lot of great people. This year is kind of my 'comeback' since I haven't really competed since 07. I'm going to be competing in STS in a Miata with a good friend of mine. Should be a fun year and we should be nice and competitive!

I will be getting some more autox courses up for LFS soon too, so look out

UBCSCC Slush Series #4 Autocross
(9 posts, started )