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Brazilian Portuguese
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Parabéns Vagner, continue assim!

Arquivo Keys atualizado.

EDIT: Incluído mais atalhos e corrigido outros
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Keys_Brazilian.pdf - 111.8 KB - 2330 views
Thanks - got it!
Sorry Scawen
Updated Key_Brazilian.pdf
Incluído o controle com o mouse/teclado
Comandos do Serividor Principal
Comandos para SMS
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Keys_Brazilian.pdf - 114 KB - 21281 views
Got it - thanks.
Test patch 44/45
New Commands_Brazilian.txt for patch X10

Scawen. In translators page we can upload this files (docs) too?
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Thanks, I've saved it.

Not all translators make the extra documents and some are PDF so I'm not sure it's worth making them uploadable to the translation page. And it's not easy to make it very useful to edit them online, because they are not in "blocks" like the language.txt and help_language.txt files.

But I'll keep it it mind...
But, maybe just upload the file into docs or lessons will be good.
Commands and Training lessons
Thank you and well done! :up:

Saved in my patch folder... should be released in X33 this evening.
Thanks for your work.
I read in another post about X33 and I worked hard this night.

Aos brazucas, informem qualquer coisa errada. Eu acho que ficou bom, mas quem sabe...
Thanks - Saved in my patch folder.
Updated and revised training lessons. I hope is in time for next patch.
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Thanks - got them
Patch Y10
Got it - thanks!
Thanks - got them
Some Lessons probls.
Updates for 6B

Brazilian Portuguese
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