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#1 - Vain
Some sort of warning to notify the player of FFB-clipping

When discussing torque steering in the locked diff thread I remembered an issue I came up months ago with:
Right now the only way for the player to notice wether FFB clipping occurs is a lot of concentration, testing and research, something the average LFS user is unlikely to do. If my understanding of the way FFB works is correct I think it would be a very good improvement to notify the player when the simulation maxes out the FFB strenght so the user can change his FFB-setup to improve the feedback.

As far as I understand the matter LFS breaks down the FFB into e.g. 256 steps of strenght with 0 being full force to the left, 127 no force and 255 full force to the right.
Using the ingame FFB strenght-variable LFS calculates the scaled FFB value and hands it over to DirectPlay, which hands it to the logitech driver which makes the wheel exert a force.
So when the ingame FFB strenght is set too high an average force will already reach a value of 0 or 255 (read: maximum) so a higher force can't be expressed anymore in this scale. That means any higher forces are filtered out (similarly to audio-clipping) and the player loses a lot of the FFB-effects.
If it works like that the player should be informed about FFB-clipping in some way because it significantly reduces the feedback the player gets from the car.

That is of course under the assumption that my understanding of FFB is correct. I didn't read any documentation on the inner workings of FFB so I may just as well be completely wrong.

How could LFS determine if the player's controller is clipping or not?
I'm sure this was suggested before in one of the FFB related threads, but I don't think it's had its own thread (until now).

It would be useful to see, even if it only showed in some sort of FFB-Debug mode.

frokki - that is unknown, and a very valid point. We could at least find out if LFS is clipping its own signal though. Of course just because LFS isn't clipping doesn't mean the wheel isn't either, but it's arguably better than knowing neither.
#4 - Vain
It can't detect FFB clipping on the hardware side. But if you've ever set FFB to 200% in the profiler you'll notice that that shouldn't be an issue.
LFS can however detect FFB clipping on the software side which I consider much more likely to happen.