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Flatshifting the MRT
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Flatshifting the MRT
(Not sure if this is a bug or intentional behaviour, but I'll report it anyway.)

The MRT and the FBM are the only single-seaters that you can't flatshift. You need to lift the throttle while shifting up.

However, when studying a WR hotlap for the MRT I noticed that the driver doesn't lift the throttle, but momentarily presses the clutch. Apparently, the fastest way to upshift is: (1) press shift-up lever, (2) press and release clutch, (3) release shift lever. You can keep your right foot on the floor all the time.

This way of driving is a bit hard on the clutch, but you still have time to do a good hotlap until the clutch is fried.

Is this a realistic way of driving, made possible by the low power of the MRT's engine? Or can this be called a cheat?
(In the WR's for the FBM they do lift the throttle.)
I think people are doing this to keep up turbo boost, thus if the shift is no slower, you benefit from momentary greater acceleration.

It's not really a bug or a cheat, merely an exploit.
for the FBM, you can clutch-shift too, but it's actually marginally slower.
in the FBM, the first 2 or 3 gears can be flat shifted without a clutch, the rest just need a tap of the clutch.
Quote from Zachary Zoomy :in the FBM, the first 2 or 3 gears can be flat shifted without a clutch

Not unless you hit the rev limiter I thought.
The other problem with not releasing the accelerator is the loss of cylinder compression that occurs when the engine is redlined. It's a tiny amount each time, and not so important on a hotlap, but over the course of a race it will start to add 10ths of seconds to your acceleration performance and make it harder to reach your maximum speed.
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Flatshifting the MRT
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